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12 Things Content Marketers Never Say

Let’s move for a while to a perfect world where clients want to help people and not only make money, where copywriters are always on time, and where bloggers have no problems with writing about brands. I present you 12 things I bet not one content marketing specialist has ever said.

1. Graphics are Ready? No Corrections Needed!

A lot of content marketers cooperate with graphic designers on a daily basis and it’s not always smooth sailing, for either side. Graphics are often inconsistent with the brief, have some typos, and require several corrections. Of course you have to remember “The Rule of Urgency”: the more important the campaign you run, the more likely your graphic designer will leave the country/go to jail/break both hands 3 days before the deadline.

2. Articles are Ready? No Corrections Needed!

Interactive, video, even AR/VR content – they all are getting more and more popular. But we have to admit text is still the most basic and crucial part, so we work with copywriters almost every day. We have our favorites – we send them just a couple of lines and get back a perfect article. But in the Content Marketing Adventure there are also Bad Guys. Some copywriters have eye issues (instead of “Writing guidelines” they see “Do not open this file!”) or “I had to” issues (“sorry I didn’t send you this article, because I had to… confuse terms/finish a biodynamic calendar for my publishing house/sew the dolls and tulips for a charity gala”*).

*These are real examples that have actually happened to us.

3. Sorry, Could you Change the Links from Dofollow to Nofollow?

There are these people who believe that by using dofollow links they suck the Super Magic Power from their website. Even if they loved your piece of content so much that they shared it with their audience, they will link to your site with a nofollow attribute. We know exactly why dofollow links are better for us and our clients. But why are they a good solution for the publishers of your content? You can read more about that here in Piotr Mikulski’s article.

4. I Never Come up with Content Ideas while Sitting on the Toilet

Let he who has never done this cast the first stone!

5. Valuable and User-centered Content? Brand Promotion is the Most Important!

Most of us know that good content helps users, solves a problem, and/or arouses emotions or interest. Writing about your products or services is good in item descriptions or on selling landing pages. But business owners sometimes can’t see the difference between content marketing and traditional advertising and it’s our role to explain it to them. Agnieszka Tokarska explains an important rule in her article, How to Manage an E-commerce without Blogging about Products: “Sell on your website, help on your blog”.

6. Content Marketing Effects are Completely Scalable and Instantly Visible

Business owners often want to see the effects immediately and with concrete numbers. But content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Aleksandra Skalska described it very well in her article Going the Distance – Content Doesn’t Always Mean Instant.

You can measure KPIs like traffic, social shares or links, but content affects also satisfaction, trust, and loyalty – and they’re hard to count. Of course, you have metrics like returning users, basket value or brand awareness, but they depend on many factors and content marketing is only one of them, so you’re not able to indicate a clear connection.

7. Link to my Blog? No Thanks, Just Put a Guest Post in my Name!

Guest blogging is becoming a less popular link building method, but still, some content marketers use it. It’s also quite demanding – you have to create really valuable and expert articles, perfectly fit to the audience. But despite all your hard work, bloggers are often like, “You want me to put a link to your blog? That’s advertising!” “Your bio? Maybe just source: press release?” “Do I actually have to write that it’s your post?”

8. Brainstorming is the Most Productive Stage of my Work

Brainstorming can be a terrific tool. There a lot of methods and all have one goal – finding the most creative ideas. But I bet you were at least once in a brainstorming session where everybody was sitting quietly, looking at the ceiling, and thinking, “just don’t look at me, don’t look at me, please god don’t look at me.” Most likely the leader then chose the “Does Anyone Have Any Ideas?” method and kept asking “does anyone have any ideas?” Over, and over again. Because that works! Oh wait – no it doesn’t.

9. I Love Cooperating with Bloggers!

Content marketing specialists use a wide variety of cooperation with bloggers, such as guest blogging, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, interviews, etc. Some of them are really nice, helpful, and understanding. However, there are a decent amount  of bloggers who look down their nose at you, stop answering emails with no reason, and don’t care about rules of cooperation you’ve established together.

10. Of Course, I’d Love to Discuss the Details During an Hour Long Call!

Clients, bloggers, copywriters – there are a lot of people who want to call you. Sure,  sometimes it’s about emergency stuff, but most often it’s just everyday issues. Especially at 7 AM. On Monday. In most cases, you have the “As I” conversation. As I… mentioned earlier/wrote you in the email/told you on the previous call.

11. My Family Totally Understands what I Do for a Living

Actually, Anna Rozwadowska wrote a great article about dealing with explaining our work to the family. So let me just tell a little anecdote.

Me (I finally decided to spend as much time as needed to describe to my mom what content marketing is): And you know, Mom, it’s like when you go to the quilt shop, but you are unsure what to get, so you talk to the shop assistant and you ask him questions like, “which size do I need,” “what fabric should I pick,” etc. But when you want to buy a quilt on the internet, there’s no salesman who can explain everything. There is… content marketing*!

My Mom: So… You sell quilts?


*I borrowed this metaphor from Wojtek Mazur. He described it during his presentation about gaining more traffic to e-commerce with content marketing.

12. No Links? No Shares? If my Content Helped at Least One Person – it was Worth my Effort!

Content marketers don’t care about numbers. We don’t make content for fame. Viral campaigns? We’re just dreaming about a better world… Of course not!

Content ideas are like our babies and as the parents, we love to hear compliments. We check the monitoring tools with real tension – did anyone write about our content? How many shares did it get? What are the comments?

And what are your experiences? If you have any ideas for the next point, share them in the comments!

  • 04 July 2018

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