Exploiting Online Trends For Successful Content Marketing

There are countless Content Marketing strategies out there, but actually only a few are as simple and successful as leveraging topics that are trending in your niche at the moment.

If you know how to discover online trends in advance and create content that’s entertaining and relevant to them, there is quite a good chance that it will become a part of a given trend and gain enormous popularity in short a time.

The hardest part of the process is determining what’s certainly trending at the moment.

You can make it easier, however. You just have to know what metrics and qualities are typical for hot content. Below you will find some great tools and apps that can help you to identify what the next hot issue in your industry is.

When you hear the words “trending” or “trends” you probably think of “Google Trends”. With its massive database of searches in multiple categories from around the world, it is a sure place to look for trendy search queries.

Since the vast majority of people use Google search to find information on the internet, Trends seems to have all the potential to tell you what is and isn’t popular. Also, due to its visual display, it gives the possibility of seeing how a given search has performed within a specific period of time.

Social Networks

Other obvious resources that probably come to mind are social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and several others, because new trends are born where communities are.

Most of the social networks give you an access to some kind of panel or tool that allows you to discover real-time trending discussions, top #hashtags and topics generating a lot of buzz.

Consider the following services of these major social platforms:

  • Facebook Trending
  • Twitter Trending

Other dedicated Tools

What can give you some extra features and even more insights into trends and popular content are tools devoted especially to these advanced analytics purposes.

Those allow you not only to discover trends, but also to identify exact pieces of content (such as articles, blog posts, presentations, videos or infographics) that are either most popular within your niche at the moment or performed really well in the past.

Topsy is a social analytics platform. Its main advantage is simplicity and being totally free, its considerable disadvantage though is that it supports only Twitter. That is not a big problem, however, as Twitter is said to be the most important platform for trending nowadays.

It provides you with a search engine that’s much better than the one provided by Twitter. You can choose from a variety of operators and many search options such as the possibility of looking only for tweets containing links or tweets from particular people.

Even with only the primary features you can easily find the most recent popular content, but there are also some extra ones which can be used, such as access to alerts. This feature enables Topsy to send you alerts as soon as any references to your favourite websites, topics, brands, etc. are made.

Another useful feature is a “sentiment score” which tells you how many times the keyword you are interested in was mentioned over a specified period of time.

Final advantage is the social analytics graphic tool which is quite similar to Google Trends interface and lets you compare the popularity of three keywords at once.


BuzzSumo is a useful tool which can quickly help to identify what content did well in the past. You can simply enter a given keyword or website to check what is the best-performing content. Thanks to this tool you know what content is expected by the audience, so you can turn it into a part of your Content Strategy.

The basic free version gives you limited features and results. However, once you upgrade to paid plans, you get the access to some advanced options like alerts for instance. You can set up an alert for any specific keyword or author, which lets you stay notified every time a piece of content around your area of interests is posted.

Impactana is a very comprehensive tool for measuring content success. It provides information about social buzz around given content, including the exact number of likes, shares, tweets etc.

Impactana is a good indicator of content performance on various social media, but it also comes with a function to measure user engagement outside social media platforms. This metric is called “impact” and it’s based on a number of views, clicks, links, comments and downloads. This is a unique function which is very useful in niches where social media are not widely used.

Another great feature of Impactana is an option that allows you to get lots of very detailed information about an author of particular content, including his other works.


Being aware of what’s hot and trendy at the moment is crucial for anyone working within Content Marketing, Social Media campaigns and Community Managing. The tools mentioned above can make it easier, but you’ll have to decide which ones work best for you.

Knowing what is almost bound to engage your audience is very important for both content creation and promotion. If you can deliver exactly the thing people are waiting for, your content will outperform anything your competition will come up with.

What is your choice of tools  when it comes to content evaluation? Do you agree with my choice? Let me know the features you use most often and how they have helped you in the past, so don’t forget to leave a comment!


  • 31 August 2015

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