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From Idea to Content (and How to Avoid Making it Dull!)

Did you know that the internet is expanding 30GB per second? That’s how much it weighed nearly 20 years ago. At this rate the internet will weigh 20 zettabytes by 2020; that’s 5GB of data per person.

No matter the size of the internet, it’s more valuable to be able find important information among tons of irrelevant data than to actually have a particular knowledge in this so-called “Information Age” and this has presented new challenges for content marketing. One of those challenges is to stop producing daily content in overwhelming amounts, as the function of content marketing has changed from creating useful content to motivating users to take specific actions.  

Content marketing, thanks to its ability to move emotions and show the world from unusual perspectives, has started to make the internet a better place.

The internet has become something more – a place where you have the time to reflect and discover hidden emotions. Thanks to modern content marketing, it’s no longer important to ask “What?” but rather it’s more valuable to know “How?”. And the answer is “creativity and innovation”. Creative thinking is connecting new ideas with already existing concepts. It’s stepping out of the line with maverick ideas and being open to unexpected challenges.  

Content is king, creativity is queen

It all starts with the idea. The moment when we start to believe that it’s worth putting our thoughts into a particular form. It is also the beginning of the creative process.

Can content marketing strategy be boring? There are many examples that we can cite that point to yes as the content is forgotten as fast as it is consumed. How can we distinguish creative content marketing from cliched solutions?


Cliched content marketingCreative content marketing
Has mostly an informative character.Surprises, causes emotions and inspires action through engagement.
Uses traditional, proven methods, which were always effective in the past.Uses less known solutions and needs courage to create innovations.
Doesn’t care about presentation.Cares about an attractive presentation, not only about content.
Puts quantity over quality.Puts quality on top.

The benefits that come from implementing a creative attitude to content marketing campaigns are even greater.

Why then are so many companies not choosing innovative ideas? First of all, these types of solutions have a higher level of risk. In this case, traditional methods have the edge. They are proven – it’s easy to predict how the whole process and the final results will look. Therefore, it’s obvious that implementing a cutting-edge element to a content marketing strategy needs the courage and gumption of a pioneer. In addition, creativity is often associated with something difficult, which requires extra time and energy. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Creativity in practice – campaign examples

Here are some examples of campaigns which came up with simple, but extraordinary ideas:

How to Get 220K Photos Promoting Your Brand

Disney knows how to do it! For the 60th anniversary of Disney World, the company invited fans to play. They were encouraged to publish photos with the characteristics of Mickey Mouse’s ears with the hashtag #ShareYourEars. Disney made a $5 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation for every photo submitted. The campaign succeeded in a very short time and went on to become one of the best campaigns of 2016.

Deadpool is Everywhere, Even on Tinder

Deadpool’s movie premiere was accompanied by a sweeping campaign, also on social media. The comic book hero showed up on American billboards, several TV programs, and even on Tinder.  He also got a special set of emoticons on social media. The effect? Viral! The internet immediately filled up with memes and mentions about the new movie.  

Polish Legends…with a Global Outreach

Polish Legends, directed by Tomasz Bagiński, is one of the best examples of creative content from the Polish market. This series of short films were part of a campaign for Allegro, an auction website. With unusual stories, cinematic quality and professional cinematography – this couldn’t possibly end in failure! During the weeks following the series’ internet premiere, they beat the 6 million views’ record.

The project still continues – recently the producers made video clips with music from the Polish Legends soundtrack.

5 steps that will make your content less boring

What should you do to make your campaign more creative and guarantee that it will stand out? The only thing you need to do is take five things into consideration:

1. Improve your creative process.

Try your best to make your creative process as effective as possible. Begin with research and data collecting. You can’t miss two important elements:

  • Clarify the client’s needs and make a deep target audience analysis.
  • Prepare the big picture report, which considers what the product really is, how it looks on the market, and where it tracks in the client’s hierarchy of needs.

After researching, it’s time to generate ideas. Various creative problem solving techniques, which are popular in creativity trainings, can be useful at this stage. This is the most important step of the creative process. This is the moment when the most original propositions come out. It’s worth concentrating on telling the inner critic to shut up, because there is a huge possibility that it will get in the way of revealing the least obvious solution. The next parts of the cycle are: developing your chosen idea, working on bringing it to life and, at last, verifying all your efforts. It’s essential to remember that missing one of these elements will bring down the effectiveness of the whole process.  

2. Follow the trends…and outrival them!

Even if you stay up to date with the actual trends, there’s no guarantee that you will gain the users’ attention.

Those who succeed are those who stop following the trends and choose to create them instead. You can try finding interesting articles about content marketing like: 3 Aha Moments to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2018 and 2018 Content Marketing Toolkit: Tips, Templates, and Checklists. Ask yourself questions: “What can I do better? Differently? More creatively?” and then just do it!

3. Don’t be afraid of innovative forms.

Microsoft research showed that you have only 10 seconds to gain the user’s attention before they click away from your website.

Because of that, visual content has become the must-have element for a content marketing strategy and you should most certainly consider this aspect in your campaign. Content marketing has become something more than just text. Don’t just stop at the conventional methods – try to reach your readers in totally new, surprising ways. If you are running out of ideas, you can make use of one of the many lists of ideas available, such as 15 Types of Content.

4. Avoid killer ideas.

Killer ideas are sentences that can nip every idea in the bud. What  do they look like? Here are some of them:

  • Yes, but…
  • It’s too… (difficult, risky, cutting edge)
  • We don’t have so much… (time, money, materials)
  • Let’s be… (realistic, serious)
  • This is not the best moment for…
  • I’ve seen something like this before, so…
  • I’ve never seen something like this before, so…
  • This is not priority…
  • Why do you want to make it so difficult?

Their appearance in any discussion is rarely constructive. They only logjam the creative process and bring nothing new. That’s why it’s best to just avoid them.

5. Don’t limit yourself with only one source of inspiration.

Creativity is often mistaken with the necessity of creating something from scratch. Don’t forget that creativity often gives things “a second life.” Innovation is very often nothing more than showing something old from a new, offbeat perspective. Don’t hesitate to search for inspiration from various sources to provide any necessary modifications and improvements to your ideas.

Wrapping Up

Creativity is a journey that doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming. It only needs the mental flexibility and courage to be open to new types of solutions. I’m sure it will lead you to the less traveled paths and then motivate you to blaze new trails.

  • 13 February 2018

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