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Is SEO Right for You?

Are you tired of your current job? Thinking about changing fields? Maybe a hot, new career in SEO/Content Marketing is the way to go. Take our quiz below to find out!

1. When you’re trying to solve a problem, when do you expect to see some results?

a. I want them now. RIGHT NOW. WHERE ARE THEY?!

b. I guess I could wait, but not for too long.

c. I’m quite patient. The longer the wait, the better the results.

d. Wait – you can solve problems?

2. Imagine you’re on a TV game show. Suddenly, in the middle of the game, the host completely changes the rules. What do you do?

a. What? New rules?! Of course I quit, it’s so unfair!

b. I keep playing by the old rules. I might lose, but I’m quite sure the audience will be on my side.

c. I accept the new rules and try to adapt as quickly as possible.

d. I completely change my clothes. I just wish I had time to actually go to the dressing room!

3. You set up a lemonade stand, but it looks like you’re not doing very well. What do you do?

a. I just wait. Eventually someone will come and make me unspeakably rich. You’ll see.

b. I pay some random people on the street to spread the word.  

c. I print out some flyers to inform people I’m using only pure organic juice, freshly squeezed from high quality lemons.

d. Okay, step 2 – vodka!

4. How advanced are you in Excel?

a. I can count how many beers I will need for my birthday party.

b. Why should I use Excel if I have tables in Word?

c. I was making pivot tables while you were still wearing diapers

d. Is that the green one with the boxes?

5. Who is your arch-nemesis at work?

a. Time.

b. My clients.

c. Some random huge company from Silicon Valley.

d. Steve from accounting!

6. Do you like writing emails?

a. Do I have a choice?

b. Hi,

I do.


c. Of course, I love it! But even more, I like talking to people on the phone! And face to face meetings with clients – they are my favorites!

d. Only old people use email anymore!

7. The abbreviation ‘4Ps’ stands for:

a. Price, price, price, price

b. Product, price, place, promotion

c. Panda, Penguin, Pirate, Pigeon

d. Professional Ping Pong Player!

8. Does the idea of spending a day skimming through tons of different posts put you off?

a. Sounds like punishment – I like to focus on one specific topic and read one specific article about it.

b. It does a little bit. Somewhere around 100th article I may lose interest.

c. Not at all, I love digging in the net – I want to see and know everything!

d. Wait – people get paid to do that?

9. What instantly comes to mind when you hear the word “crawl”?

a. Cute little babies

b. Pubs, of course! Cheers!

c. Web crawlers and other sneaky-peaky robotic creatures

d. How I always go back to my ex.

10. Dressing up for a conference. Your picks:

a. Formal suit, white collar, tie.

b. Tracksuit while I stay at home and watch the videos later.

c. Techie “suit” AKA checkered shirt, jeans, and sneakers AKA Zuckerberg-chic.

d. My birthday suit.

11. Your favorite KPIs are:

a. Earned money.

b. Happy users.

c. Traffic and conversions.

d. Sorry, I’m really not a fan of their chicken.

12. Hat fashion?

a. Black hat!

b. Baseball hats are nice.

c. White hat!

d. Can I get one of those that the Pope wears?

Give yourself 1 point for every a.

Give yourself 2 points for every b.

Give yourself 3 points for every c.

Give yourself 0 points for every d.


If you scored between 0 – 12

Neither SEO nor content marketing is for you. We are not quite sure what is for you. You scare us a little.

If you scored between 13 – 24

You can probably spell SEO, and there might be some potential for you in the industry. You might want to keep looking, though.

If you scored between 25 – 36

We may have just found your calling!

  • 05 September 2018
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