Let Luxury Brands Teach You the Art of Content Marketing

Have you ever thought that besides good taste, you can learn how to become a skilled marketer and improve your business with the best content marketing ever from Chanel? Chanel does not just sell you a product, it’s much deeper and more complex than that. Chanel sells you a lifestyle, an image of who you are or dream of being. Chanel perfume is not just a perfume, it’s an important building block for the new you – the wealthier, more sophisticated, more fascinating you. The company has a great, long and inspiring history, so they take advantage of and communicate this fact. Big brands present products in a very elegant and visual way, stylish packing, and a ‘designer website’ – all of these with a coherent corporate identity. The communication channels have a wide communication strategy pointing to one goal. They present their products, but they also communicate their history, goals and some interesting facts. Customers aren’t loyal to the products – they are loyal to the brand, its values, statements and the lifestyle they present.

How luxury brands attract people using content marketing

Luxury brands use their history and the values they believe in when entering a dialogue with their clients and for the creation of their content marketing.


On the main Chanel website – chanel.com, we’ll find two subpages: Inside Chanel and Chanel News.

The subpage has 12 chapters and takes us into the brand’s history. It shows us the story of its founder, Gabrielle Chanel. Here we’ll find some unique information and photos relating to brand evolution and learn something about its famous products as well. The content is valuable and diverse.

If you are wondering how the brand was established, learn more about Karl Lagerfeld or find out about the brand’s philosophy – you can find all of that information there. A reader can become familiar with the famous Chanel No. 5 Perfumes or get some historical stories about Marilyn Monroe, who was a big Chanel fan and who used to go to bed dressed only in a few drops of perfume. You can even find out what colors are most important and meaningful to Chanel and why they are used in the manufacturing of clothes.

These are the kinds of ideas or strategies you can apply to your marketing plan. This short movie is ingenious, attractive, brand suitable and easy to make. You can use photos of your products or services to make a dynamic slideshow with a narrative and music. Let’s assume that you are running an e-commerce business; then make a thematic movie which is accurate to the current situation, weather or holidays. Before Christmas, you can make a movie called “All I want for Christmas is…” and show gift ideas in a creative way or the way to use your products during the Christmas season.

The history of Chanel reaches as far back as the early 20th century, and it is strongly connected with Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel. The charismatic woman created one of the biggest and meaningful fashion brands and revolutionized the fashion world.

The Chanel Company communicates its famous products, such as Little Black Jacket, and one way of promotion was the inaugural exhibition and banquet of Chanel: The Little Black Jacket in London. Even a special and separate subpage was established only for one product – The Little Black Jacket

Creating the product page on a new domain is a popular marketing strategy. The more you introduce your product the better impression it would make.  Whenever you have special products or some unique VIP services; think about creating a separate subpage or landing page, where you could exhaust such topics. I believe The Little Black Jacket site was created as part of a corporate identity element and also to build an image of luxury. I bet that you, for instance, prefer and encourage users to take specific action (conversion), therefore, a well-designed Chanel site, with beautiful photos and videos might be good inspiration for your landing page.

What should a landing page look like to attract people to your products or services? 

  1. A clear goal

First of all, determine exactly what you expect from this kind of site. Do you want a user to fill a contact form, download something (like your catalogue), make a purchase, or some other specific action?

Arrange everything in an order of importance to lead the user to do just this one particular action. If something is not associated with the desired action, it has no right to be included there.

  1. Take care of the design

A landing page should be clear and easy to navigate through. Graphic design must be consistent with the brand’s communication design. The layout should be creative, but also simple and clear. Make sure that the headline is right and the placement of texts accurate. The headlines tell users that they are in the right place. Text must fit to the headline and its arrangement and length needs to be diverse in order to be interesting for users.

  1. Call to action!

Verify that your call to action is user friendly and clear. Use graphic elements or linked text. Everything on the page should be connected to the one response which is expected. If it is not, it means that it causes a distraction and should be removed.

To make your product page as interesting as Chanel, include video guides, high resolution photos, and a large and clear button, indicating a call to action.

Chanel News

This subpage takes us into the world of Chanel. Here, we can find the newest information about the brand, and info about fashion shows, events, photos or movies.

Make sure all the needed information about your products are provided, so users don’t look for them in other places. Strive to be the only good and reliable source!


Karl Lagerfeld – Chanel’s main designer, directed a few movies about the brand.

A very famous one, which was published on YouTube a view months ago is the face of the upcoming campaign of the Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection and already has many views.

This kind of feat or momentum is unheard of as far as a regular brand is concerned. Can you think of recruiting Pharrell Williams to the cast of a movie promoting your brand, when you can do it cheaper with great results?

You can be inspired by this video:

Talk about your brand with a simple video, using pictures and a narrator. On the web, you will find many tools (for example: PowToon) which are easy to use and provide outstanding results.

Social media visibility and popularity

Chanel’s official profile on Facebook has more than 14 million fans. On Instagram, Chanel records over 2 million users and nearly 6 million on Twitter. Every day, the brand shares with fans a collection of beautiful product photos, videos from fashion shows and photo shoots.

As you can see below, the most often shared content are movies and photos!

Google +

The link to a full list of content Inside the Chanel subpage.


The movie.


The photo session.


On Chanel’s YouTube channel, we’ll find six thematic playlists: fashion, makeup, fragrance, inside Chanel, watches, and fine jewelry.

On YouTube, we would also find all the movies which have been uploaded on Inside Chanel, as well as movies from backstage photo campaigns, ads, interviews, fashion shows, “making of…” and movies where the whole story of the fashion house is told.

As mentioned before, the average or regular company has no funds to recruit famous people or a top model. It doesn’t mean though that you cannot share similar content with a similar effect. You can share your funny videos made in the office or images from the conferences you attended, as well as movies showcasing your products.


The history of Rolex is more than 100 years old. Hans Wilsdorf began to dream of a watch worn on the wrist and founded a company in London specializing in the distribution of timepieces. On the history site of Rolex, we can learn a lot about the company. Do you know that Rolex was the first company which produced a waterproof and dustproof set of wristwatches, which was called “Oyster”? In the early 1950s, Rolex developed professional watches that served as tools and whose functions went far beyond simply telling the time. These watches were intended for professional activities, such as deep-sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing and scientific exploration. At the world of Rolex subpage, we will find the current connection with big sport events like golf tournaments, mountaineering expedition or Formula 1 racing.

About us

In the about us section, we’ll find something more detailed than those of other regular sites.

We will find five bookmarks like: The Rolex Way, Rolex Made in Switzerland, Tested to Extremes, Rolex Watchmaking, and Rolex History. They include great videos and stories explaining their philosophy, the mechanism technology, production and information about materials.

At the subpage above, we’ll find a timeline which extends from 1905 till now and learn about the history of the brand.

Another subpage worth exploring is the World of Rolex, with an open invitation of discovering its world. The Rolex brand usually presents its values with a strong connection to sports and its world is one of luxury and elegance. Rolex is a promoter of the Rolex Sydney Hobart, which has become an icon of Australia’s summer sport. The right for sailor’s model of watch is invented, of course. The partnership between Rolex and tennis is long-term. Rolex became the “Official Timekeeper” of The Wimbledon Championships. Rolex also partners with the leading motor sports series, the Formula 1® and became a Global Partner and its Official Timepiece.

From their website, we can learn all about the varying range of Rolex sport, architecture and culture involvement; as well as their philosophy and who their clients and partners are. All the info you want to get about the brand is stated there. You don’t have to read information from other sources.

Social media visibility and popularity

You will not find any advertising connected with the social media activities of Rolex. Instead, you will find documentary films like mountaineering expeditions and deep-sea expeditions.

The purpose of the presence of Rolex in the world of social media is to allow customers a better understanding of the brand, their world and values.

As you can see below, the videos are very popular and well-shared on social media.



On Rolex’s YouTube channel, we’ll find 13 thematic subpages. The videos don’t show the product in any obvious way. It only shows the people who wear the wristwatch, what the target group looks like, what they do, what they like, what activities they enjoy and how they enjoy wearing Rolex.

Main content marketing points

Let people know your brand

Let people know a bit more about your company. What is your story? Did you have any funny or interesting circumstances in establishing your brand? Tell us about it! Perhaps you have some nice photos which would invite us into your world? We want to see them!

Share your philosophy

What is important to you? What are you aiming towards with your actions? What are your goals and what do you believe in?

Let’s assume that you are a furniture designer; is quality, great materials and a modern design what you strive for? Add a tab to your page, where you should include information about the materials you use.  Write about the history of design, famous projects or popular and important designers. Also, you might want to write about the characteristic of specific types of wood and other materials.

What values are most important to you? Talk more about it and more about its relationship to your products. If you use specific materials and the product development process is expensive, explain why. Think about your products or services – if they are unique, original, modern or special and you put all your heart in this, maybe this is the statement you should use? Do not make communication only about price; communicate your philosophy and the way of thinking.

Familiarity with clients

Endeavor to manage familiarity and connection with your clients. The social media channels are the best tools for this. It gives you the best possibility of running a dialogue with them. You may also consider media monitoring tools, which locate every discussion about your brand, your products and make a detailed analysis for you. Take an example from Michał Sadowski from Brand24. He is the CEO of a company, but then he still finds the time to respond to clients personally by himself. That kind of client/company relationship makes you feel perfectly happy and satisfied with the level of service being provided.

Content marketing

Are you running a blog which is professional, valuable and provides important information? That is great. However, think about a different kind of content than just the articles. How about movies and beautiful photos? Money is not a problem. You may record a video using your smartphone during a company event and then upload it on Instagram. If the video is really good – people will view it. You can also appoint a company photographer who will be responsible for making photos during your regular work days, company events or when build client relationships. These kinds of photos should be connected with your company profile. For one company, beautiful and professional photos would work the best; however, for another company, funny ones might be more ideal. If you want to communicate that you are a family and friendly oriented company, make a movie where you showcase members of your team.  It will show and project your company in a nice and sociable light. You want people to see you as professional – write a blog and share your knowledge. If you want to be famous for creativity, try to inspire you clients and amuse them. Make sure your content is funny. Think about some memes or movies.

Be sure that your content is valuable. The More Visual Content, The Better Visibility – be familiar with tools which may help you with creating great images. The content should be suitable and suited to your values.

The luxury brand taken over to perfection, showing their world of experience on their videos and photos.

Let me show you an example:

Who was Jadore Perfume created for? You don’t have to know how the perfume smells; you don’t even have to know the brand. You can be able to immediately say that they are made for a powerful and confident woman. They are made for evening occasions and you can tell that the smell is kind of heavy. The photo is so meaningful (which makes it great content), and it allows me to describe the target group for this product.

Give the information people are looking for

If the profile of your company suits enjoyment – provide it! Think about some funny photos or inspiring movies.  Try to inspire people. If they can become happier or feel better with your product or service, tell them about it and prove how they can make it. Tell people that you can make their life easier.

Give people all the information they need and are looking for. Write about the materials you use or about the technologies you are currently working on. Let people know your work better.

Make your content as awesome as your products and services are!

  • 29 January 2015

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