LRT Certified Professionals Event, 2015

The latest edition of the Link Research Tools (LRT) certified professionals event has come and gone, but it will go down in history as one unforgettable event which will remain dear in the hearts and minds of participants for a very long time. The event which was held between the 12th and 14th of May, 2015 in the beautiful city of Vienna Austria, treated attendees to three days packed with an abundance of valuable SEO information and new knowledge, fun-filled social functions, networking and idea sharing, and a tour of some notable landmarks in the historical city.

Day 1: Dinner with Christoph C. Cemper

The series of activities kicked off on Tuesday, May 12th in a relaxing atmosphere. The event tagged ‘Dinner with Christoph C. Cemper’ gave participants an idea of what to expect in the coming days. Asides the beautiful restaurant and delicious food, the event gave LRT certified professionals the opportunity to mingle and discuss freely with each other and also with Christoph C. Cemper, the founder and CEO of Link Research Tools.

It was an opportunity for those who attended the last edition of the event to reminisce on that event and also the chance to share success stories in the past year of using Link Research tools for all their various SEO requirements. It was also a chance for first timers to get a feel of the excitement that lay ahead and no one left disappointed.

Day 2: LRT Certified Professionals Event

The second day was the main event, and it was packed with activities that ensured there was not a single dull moment. Importantly, it gave LRT certified professionals the opportunity to meet and interact with the LRT team members, oiling the engine of the platform.

After arrival, coffee and meeting each other for morning small-talk, Christoph set the ball rolling by asking everyone to formally introduce themselves. He made LRT certified professionals introduce themselves in the order of the duration of their commute to the event, and it was a humorous way to get things started. Then, he made the first of his two powerful presentations; both of which I will only say border on great and exciting times ahead for Link Research Tools and in the SEO world in general.

The second presentation was that of Lukasz Kalus, the Link Audit Manager at Elephate. His presentation provided valuable tips on how Elephate successfully employs LRT for daily operations. He titled the presentation ‘Additional Tools Which We Could Use to Improve Link Detox Audits and Get Most Accurate Data’ and he gave several tips, examples and data to back up his assertions. His presentation elicited discussions about tools that make Link Detox Audits even more efficient and the processes that ensure clients are satisfied with their audits. Overall, the presentation of Lukasz offered an insight into the process and also the tips for efficiently using LRT. He also demonstrated how using the tools can help in the optimization of both the general and basic workflow.

Up next was the presentation of Geraldine Eden, the Head of Inbound Marketing at Media Base. Geraldine’s presentation offered insights into the very productive ways that the Pitchbox and Link Research Tools alliance can be used to optimize the entire outreach process. Her presentation which was titled ‘Experiences From One Year Pitchboxing 1.000.000 People’ was particularly interesting because she demonstrated automated ways in which combining Pitchbox and LRT will greatly enhance the whole link building process from the prospecting stage to pitching, follow-ups and eventual building of links. She proved that these tools greatly simplify the whole process, save valuable time and offer the possibility for a wider reach.

The presentation of Elephate’s CEO, Bartosz Goralewicz was not only inspiring; it was also humorous as well as not a single person stopped laughing the entire time he had the stage. Throughout the presentation which he titled ‘How LRT Made Me (Us) More Successful’, Bartosz laid out his winning partnership with LRT and divided the presentation into 5 focus points which are:

  1. Win-win Scenario
  2. Support
  3. Growth Path
  4. Community
  5. Networking

With each of these points, he gave a success story which centered on the past, the present and the future. He glowingly talked about LRT and Christoph Cemper. Bartosz explained their partnership has been a success and win-win story through the mutual support and encouragement they both enjoy from each other. He also stressed the growth path for his agency and how everyone can greatly benefit from the community of LRT Certified Professionals through networking and sharing valuable ideas. He rounded off by talking about some of his viral case studies, such as those of Halifax and Expedia. Overall, the presentation of Bartosz was a very valuable one.

Lorant Görgey the Team Lead Outreach at CatBird Seat gave a robust presentation in which he titled ‘LRT – Agency Workflow’. He laid bare the process by which agencies can manage entire outreach campaigns using LRT. He didn’t stop there; he went further to assert why SEO should be about Search Engine Experience and to put users at the forefront of every campaign by giving them what they need and valuable content. Lorant also stressed the importance of relationship building in today’s world of link building and how his agency manages relationship building when conducting outreach campaigns. He drew the curtain on his presentation with a workflow chat of his agency’s outreach model and the exact number of manpower in each department. This breakdown of roles ensures the efficient distribution of labour, optimization of the process and time-saving for the purpose of quality link building.

Upon rounding off the event with the second of Christoph’s presentation on exciting times ahead, participants posed for photographs before heading off to oldest amusement park in the world, the “Wurstelprater”, where there were rides on the Viennese Giant Wheel that presented an aerial view of the beautiful city of Vienna.

The evening was simply the best of Christoph and LRT’s hospitality. Attendees were treated to an evening of awesome fun in an amazing atmosphere at Schweizerhaus. The Schweizerhaus is a rustic hall and garden with 19th-century origins with an abundance of delicious food and drinks. Here, participants enjoyed a lavish form of Viennese hospitality and it is an experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

The day ended with another social engagement and this time, participants got to unwind at a nightclub. There were lots of networking, communication, idea sharing and also dance moves.

Day 3: Vienna Sightseeing Tour

The final day of the LRT Certified Professionals Event was a lovely one. Participants were treated to a tour of beautiful Vienna and had the chance to explore such landmarks as the Danube River, Schönbrunn Palace, Austrian Parliament Building, the works of Architect and painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser and other attractions too numerous to mention.

At the end of the tour, it was time to say goodbyes and appreciation to Christoph and the entire LRT team for such a wonderful organization. The organizing of the event was simply flawless. There is absolutely no doubt that in my mind that the LRT Certified Event would be even bigger and better next year. Participants are already excitedly anticipating the 3rd edition and almost all have signified an intention to be a part of it.


The LRT Certified Event 2015 in my opinion is arguably the best SEO event of the year so far. One thing which really impressed me was the very personal touch and feeling of a community. The interaction, networking and sharing of ideas were second to none and do I need to mention the amazing job put in by the organizers and their wonderful hospitality?

My prediction is simple – watch out for the annual LRT Certified Professionals Event for years to come! I believe this event will go on to dominate the SEO world and will be the knowledge base for professionals in the industry. Also, watch out even further for Christoph C. Cemper and Link Research Tools; with the tons of exciting innovations coming soon, I am very optimistic that the sky can only be a stepping stone.

Image Credit: Tony Gigov

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