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Marketing Festival 2015 Review and Recap

The Marketing Festival 2015 event has come and gone, but its after-effect will ripple in the minds of attendees for a long time and even more in the world of digital marketing.

Despite this year’s event being only its third edition, Marketing Festival needs no introduction. With an array of heavyweight experts and superstars in the fields of SEO, link building, PPC advertising, web analytics, content marketing and social networks, what else would you refer to as a holy grail of digital marketing?

Little wonder tickets were totally sold out, plus an additional list of interested substitutes, all aiming to learn from the very best, share ideas and network in an exciting atmosphere.

Having read Wojtek Mazur’s Marketing Festival 2014 review, I knew I wanted to be a part of its 2015 edition and I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the festival exceeded my expectations.

Without further ado, let me get to the event proper which held on the 26th-27th November 2015 at the Janáček Theater, Brno, Czech Republic.

Friday – First Day of Lectures

Jindřich Fáborský – Welcome to the Marketing Festival 2015

Marketing festival organizer, Jindřich Fáborský’s introductory speech was a short one. He talked about the story of Marketing Festival and what participants should expect at this year’s event. He assured there would be a lot to learn as well as a lot of fun – He kept his word. He then called upon Cyrus Shepard of MOZ who hosted and anchored the entire event.

Oli Gardner – Frankenpage: Using A Million Little Pieces of Data to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page

Co-Founder of Unbounce, Oli’s presentation was pristine and he thoroughly deserved his place as the opening presenter. Using Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a base, Oli explored how to use tons of data to perfectly design the ideal landing page.

He described in detail such ingredients for an ideal landing page such as the number of links, headlines, form fields, inline field labels, length of pages, etc. Oli’s presentation was detailed, insightful as well as humorous. Find the slides from his presentation here and also follow Oli on Twitter @oligardner.

Oli Gardner – Frankenpage: Using A Million Little Pieces of Data to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Landing Page from Marketing Festival

Aleyda Solis – Conquering International Search Markets: The key ingredients for international SEO success in competitive countries

International SEO Consultant, Aleyda, admitted that finding the right ingredients to conquer international search markets can be tough. You have to connect with foreign users and compete with local brands, you would want to rank in a new competitive market, while starting from the scratch, and then, you might end up with too many international versions you can’t maintain. All of these might sound complicated but Aleyda’s presentation provided the recipe for success. She offered actionable tips you want to employ to make your international SEO a resounding success. Learn interesting ideas from her slides below and also follow her on Twitter @aleyda.

The Key Ingredients for International SEO Success #MKTFest from Aleyda Solís

Marty Neumeier- The Brand Flip: Why customers now run companies and how to profit from it

The author of The Brand Gap, Marty is a brand guru and his presentation proved just that in every sense of the word. Marty delved into the brand flip and how power has changed from the hands of companies to those of customers who are now clustered in tribes. Marty showed ways businesses can get an edge in today’s competitive space using a ‘brand flip’ since people are no longer consumers or market segments or tiny blips in big data. They don’t buy brands. They join brands. Follow Marty on Twitter @martyneumeier.

Case studies from the Czech Republic Online Scene

In addition to the presentations, there were 5 case studies from the Czech Online scene. They were:

Jakub Kašparů – Lynt Services: Advanced Google Adwords and Seznam Sklik campaign automation + scripts for you

Radek Hudák – Slevomat: How we use RLSA on Slevomat

Jakub Chour – LMC: How we measure content in LMC and make better decisions

Pavol Adamčák – ui42: The magic Heureka script: How to double income without increasing costs

Martin Šimko – RobertNě Media monitoring for SEO; results, processes and scripts to download

Daniel Gilbert – How to build your own automated bidding system in less than 6 weeks

There have been a lot of changes in the world of AdWords that has made automation become a necessity. However, the presentation of Daniel, the founder of award winning PPC agency, Brainlabs, described in detail how you can build your own automated bidding system in a relatively short time. Asides the actionable tips, Daniel also provided insights into tools that can make your efforts a game changer and bid better than other advertisers. Follow Daniel on Twitter @danielgilbert44.

Daniel Gilbert – How to build your own automated bidding system in less than 6 weeks de Marketing Festival

Dan Petrovic – Advanced SEO Process: Data, Strategy, Content and Outreach

Dan is the head of respected SEO agency, Dejan Marketing. I’ve followed a lot of Dan’s work in the past and I wasn’t surprised that he gave such a solid performance during his presentation which got everyone engaged. Cyrus Shepard even jokingly said he held everyone’s attention like it was an MBA class. My biggest takeaway from Dan’s presentation was the exciting content creation and outreach ideas. In a world where there’s an abundance of content, catching the news early or even creating the news yourself holds the key. Dan even went on to discuss survey ideas to create detailed pieces of content with valid data which were totally against popular beliefs and thereby eliciting the needed buzz. Enjoy Dan’s presentation slides here and also don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @dejanseo.

Bjoern Sjut – Highend CRM with low cost tools

Bjorn of Finc3 Agency obviously knows his onions as far as CRM solution and e-mailing performance are concerned. His presentation offered low-cost tools that make high-end CRM possible. Follow Bjoern on Twitter @isdaron

Bjoern Sjut – Highend CRM with low cost tools from Marketing Festival

Saturday – Second Day of Lectures

Bart Schutz – Data, Customers & the art of applying Psychology

Bart is a consumer psychologist, the co-founder and Chief Inspirational Officer at Hence, his presentation focused on using your customers’ conscious and subconscious brain processes, emotions and decisions to improve your business. These, plus backed up data and experiments. After listening to Bart’s presentation, you are sure to improve your Marketing efforts by getting into the psychological minds of your customers, what decisions they make, why and how they make them. Here are slides of Bart’s presentation and you can also follow him on Twitter @barts.

Dan Gridin – How to plan, setup and launch b2b marketing automation system in 90 days or less

Dan is a leading b2b expert from Russia. He mentioned about being known as the ‘DHL Guy’ in Russia because of the way he completed deals in the past. However, he admits the processes are a lot different now and what would normally take a month in the past, now takes around 6 months. His lecture focused on ways the creation of marketing automation will indeed lower your sales cycle and help you achieve success even in very complex and competitive fields like those in which he operates. Follow Dan on Twitter @swotme.

Larry Kim – The Future of PPC Marketing in 2016 and Beyond

Regarded as one of the most influential Online Marketing Experts in the world, Larry is the CEO of MobileMonkey. Larry’s presentation was arguably one of the most interesting of Marketing Festival 2015. Even though the future of paid advertising might initially appear bleak, Larry gave actionable tips with the ‘Top 10 Paid Social Media Hacks of All Time’. Larry went on to use personal stories to describe some of his successes and it will be a disservice telling his story for him. However, you will find the slides from his presentation below and can follow him on Twitter @larrykim.

The Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Advertising Hacks of All Time – Larry Kim’s Presentation at Hubspot’s INBOUND 2015 Marketing Conference from Internet Marketing Software – WordStream

Case studies from abroad

The second day of events also featured successful case study presentations; just this time, they came from all over the world. They are:

Veronika Miňovská – CDN77: A worldwide campaign in a high-end B2B segment for $1,000

Pavlína Louženská – How I learned to love Instagram Ads

Pavlina provided an interesting case study about Instagram as a basic channel for an ad campaign. The scale of the success she recorded while working on the campaign for fashion brand, ZOOT, surprised the audience – those numbers were amazing! Asides the solid presentation and Pavlina’s humour, the case study concentrated on specific features and traits of Instagram and its audience. Knowing these details, everyone can plan and execute an Instagram campaign and repeat Pavlina’s success. You can check Pavlina’s presentation here and can also follow her on Twitter @Pavlina_speaks.

Wojtek Mazur – Competitions for Bloggers: The Benefits, The Challenges, The Risks

Elephate’s Co-Founder, Wojtek Mazur, shared with the participants the success story from the blog awards our company organized for a leading American client, Muscle & Strength in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

Wojtek’s case presentation proved how digital PR events such as blog awards could have far reaching benefits which he stated to include access to new audiences, targeted traffic, social exposure, incoming links, guest content, just to mention a few. However, this is a win-win situation as it benefits bloggers and voters also. He then walked the audience through the competition, the challenges, the risks and how those risks were mitigated. The interesting part was the results which helped the contest landing page garner up to 33 433 page views, 18 00 votes recorded, 683 newsletter subscriptions and over 250 links from around 20 unique domains. Enjoy Wojtek’s presentation below and follow him on Twitter @mazur_w.


Competitions for Bloggers – Case Study. Marketing Festival 2015 #mktfest from Wojtek Mazur

Tomáš Bartek – Maternia: VašeČoč – PPC on foreign markets

Jason Acidre – The New Age of Brand Building: Creative Link Building

Manila-based Jason is a respected SEO expert and blogger at Jason’s presentation was actually the only one that dealt solely with link building at Marketing Festival 2015 and he didn’t disappoint. His presentation covered vast areas of building quality links and how investing in solid pieces of content from detailed research make a difference. He asserted the fact that contrary to the belief in certain quarters, link building still count as one of the ranking factors taken into consideration in search results. He didn’t stop there. He went on further to discuss outreach strategies, influencer marketing, and link building tactics that still work such as brand mentions, image based link building, comment marketing, etc. Finally, he talked about the importance of relationship building and where to take built relationships. You don’t want to miss Jason’s presentation slides here and you can also follow him on Twitter @jasonacidre.

The New Age of Brand Building: Creative Link Building from kaiserthesage
Daniel Waisberg – Data Analytics Framework: Putting context into data

Daniel is an Analytics Advocate from the London branch of Google. His lecture focused on a framework to help guide the data analysis process. This, he based on a matrix, called TITE (time, interactions, trends, and events), which takes both internal and external factors into consideration as well as influences and the need for comparison. You can check out more of Daniel’s work on and follow him on Twitter @danielwaisberg.

Daniel Waisberg – Data Analytics Framework: Putting context into data from Marketing Festival
Brendan Almack – The Day Google AdWords Changed Forever!
On the 25th June 2015, Google enabled the use of audiences created in Google Analytics to reach costomers on Google Search. Brendan & his colleague Ciaran lectured the audience on the 5 ways you can leverage these audiences within your Google AdWords campaign to drive conversion and maximise account efficiency. Bredan and Ciaran gave real examples from their clients and real world results. You can find Bredan on Twitter @El_Brenner

Brandon Almack – The Day Google AdWords Changed Forever! from Marketing Festival

Phil Nottingham – Video for SEO, CRO, Social and Beyond!

Phil is a video strategist and his very informative presentation capped off a wonderful event. Many people know video is becoming more and more important to the marketing funnel, however, optimizing videos proves to be a challenge. With a lot of experience and insights, Phil walked the audience through actionable tips that solves this challenge and even expecting to hear about results within a short period of time. He showed participants how to optimize videos for YouTube, Facebook and on-site. Asides the valuable tips, he also gave tools that would make your video optimization efforts a hit. I will really recommend checking out Phil’s presentation and also following him on Twitter @philnottingham. Additionally, you can give him a shout out at

Optimising YouTube, Facebook and On-site Video from Phil Nottingham


At Marketing Festival 2015, there was a lot of knowledge, ideas, perspectives, stories and strategies shared and I’ve gained a lot personally. However, one thing which I appreciate even more was the abundance of inspiration and motivation.

All the experts who made presentations had one thing in common – they blessed the participants with the “Can Do” approach and importantly, they are very willing to help with the ideas, strategies and tools you need to succeed.

The entire team of organizers did a marvellous job. There was no hitch with the registration and processes, the catering was excellent and the parties were awesome.

A big shout out goes to Cyrus Shepard – I don’t think anyone else would have had a better charm and charisma to host and anchor the event the way he did. Thank you, Cyrus!

To describe it lightly, Marketing Festival is a world class event aiming to become the best of its kind on the planet. I believe it has already evolved from a dream into a plan and everyone in the world of digital marketing should watch out for that name Jindřich Fáborský. I believe he’s got greater things in the works for Marketing Festival 2016 and a PPC conference called PPC Tribe in London slated for 27-29 April 2016. I am certain you don’t want to be on the substitute list of both events.

See you next year!

Were you a part of Marketing Festival 2015? You can share your thoughts, feedback and observations in the comment section below. Just in case you missed the event, you can head over here to order the videos to hear from the expert themselves and then join in the discussion too.

  • 30 November 2015

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