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An 841% Visibility Increase for the Global Domain –

  • 841% visibility boost for the whole domain.

It wasn’t easy making the decision to migrate 24 local domains into one global domain. However, there were some brave people who not only trusted us but won. Picodi made the decision to unify all its local brands and local domains into and redirected its language versions to the directories.



We proudly announce an 841% visibility boost to the whole domain.

However, the path to success wasn’t easy. Why? That visibility increase was the result of the hard and precise work of our team and the client’s developers. Before migration, we cleaned up the link profile of all the domains to prevent from moving toxic links to the new global domain. Then we removed all technical SEO errors, eg. 404s, faulty canonicals, duplicates. And the final step was preparing the redirects. All the URLs from the crawl and index scrape were matched with the new URLs and redirected. The results were immediate!


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