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How to Improve Site Visibility – A Case Study

  • We’ve conducted a technical analysis of the site and provided SEO support during the implementation of a new, mobile-friendly version of KWC.
  • 156% visibility growth.
  • 35% pageviews increase. is a popular Polish website with articles covering such topics as lifestyle, beauty, fashion and makeup. They have a very strong community of female users, who are active on the website’s forum and notice every change in the layout or functionality.

In October 2016, they asked us to help them improve their site’s visibility. It had been slowly decreasing since August 2013, with the biggest drop occurring after the introduction of the new version of the KWC (Kosmetyk Wszech Czasów) section. KWC revolves around reviews of cosmetics and is the most important section on Wizaz from the business point of view. Although our work isn’t finished yet, the outstanding results are already visible



We’ve conducted a technical analysis of the site and provided SEO support during the implementation of a new, mobile-friendly version of KWC. Wizaz wanted to recover from the drop, so they consulted with us on the construction of the new KWC from the beginning of the development process. It resulted in a very search engine- and user- friendly product.

There were also many poor-quality links pointing to the site, so we decided to perform a link detox. Moreover, we recommended clearing the website’s structure from the spam created on the pages with user-generated content through the many years of the website’s existence. The number of indexed pages was reduced significantly by removing the poor quality content.


During our cooperation, we managed to do a crawl budget optimization of the main sections of the website, as well as remove spam and other kinds of low value buried deeply in the website’s structure. Visibility grew by 156% and pageviews increased by 35% compared to July 2016. has the highest visibility level since 2014.

What we recommend benefited greatly from the long-term, detailed SEO optimization performed in close cooperation with its developers. Removing or blocking user- and bot- generated spam from the backlink profile and the forum also marked a milestone in their SEO strategy.


Elephate is a group of professionalists and enthusiasts with genuine passion and commitment to what they do. At first, I was rather uncertain and cautious about asking them to take care of However, after a couple of months, I can say it was an excellent decision. This company operates in a collaborative way and understands the business needs. I trust their recommendations, because all of them bring about positive results. I highly recommend working with them on your online business presence.

Dorota Szostek-Rejowska, Dyrektor

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