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Technical optimization followed by professional content marketing campaigns.

Technical SEO and Content Marketing Synergy – is one of the biggest Polish websites with real estate offer listings. Unfortunately for them, this niche is SUPER competitive in Poland, as well as being dominated by three huge, established websites. It was a story of David vs. multiple Goliaths straight from the beginning.


Our biggest challenge was the sheer size of the website. Hundreds of thousands of offers and as many listings posed a big problem for the SEO team.

We knew that the first step to success was most definitely technical SEO. Making the website crawlable was crucial, so we began by cleaning up the structure and improving internal linking.


Such a vast and dynamic website also needed a long-term indexation strategy and robot-friendly structure.  We had to decide which pages should be indexed and how to do it effectively. This ended up being the most important part and inevitably proved to be successful. This encouraged us to further tweak and optimize the website.

However, we knew that our work with a website this size couldn’t be limited solely to technical SEO – otherwise, the effects would soon stall. Solving technical issues should always go hand-in-hand with content marketing and high-quality links. That’s why we put a lot of effort into optimizing the existing content and creating a brand new, comprehensive article section [blog].

As soon as we improved the overall content, we set our sights on creating engaging texts and articles with the potential to become viral hits.

We also developed a sustainable link building strategy based on guest posting and (later) outreach of the best content.

In that case, the awesome content marketing and outreach campaigns not only helped to improve online visibility but also increased brand awareness.


Morizon’s case study proves that long-term cooperation really pays off and is the only sustainable solution for brands that are already big, but aspire to be industry leaders. Today, is on the rising tide and who knows, maybe soon enough David will finally beat the Goliaths…


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