Case study




Remove low-quality links and invest in great content that will gain natural links to your website.

It’s Worth Investing in SEO & Content Marketing – is a huge content portal and e-commerce store that focuses on selling supplements within the United States. It competes with giant fitness platforms like, and


To help Muscle & Strength compete with these giants we made some radical decisions. One of these decisions was to move the forum with a lot of spammy content from the directory to the subdomain – improving the domain quality.

Besides changing the forum to a subdomain, a big part of our work was to remove toxic and harmful links on

After removing the toxic and harmful links we implemented a content marketing strategy – placing articles on fitness websites with links to Muscle & Strength.

A great example of a published article on a website with high domain authority and healthy links, while generating many shares and views, is:

The links that we applied in the guest articles targeted important keywords for Muscle & Strength, which they wanted to rank for in Google.

What can we recommend?

By removing low-quality links and investing in both great content on site and generating guest articles with links to important keywords, we can increase your visibility while making sure that your website remains healthy.


Our website was losing traffic after every Google algorithm update. Even with over 20k articles and some of the best content in our niche we were still on a downward trend. At the end of 2014 we knew we needed to act if we wanted to get our site moving back in the right direction. Our CTO did 4 weeks research into the best SEO firms and narrowed it down to 4 teams. Elephate impressed us with their hands on approach and ability to use the tools they had to show us exactly where our issues were and develop a plan to fix them.

In the last 3 months Elephate have really uncovered all the issues with our backlinks and been able to identify and remove all toxic links that were harming our search performance. The team went above and beyond the usual SEO tools to uncover thousands of links that might have been missed by other agencies. Elephate has already been able to demonstrate that their team’s removal methods have been working and our visibility has been increased. We’re looking forward to the next major Google update to see how this changes our rankings and traffic.

Damien Mase, CEO Muscle & Strength LLC