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Why are Information Architecture and SEO Friendly Website Structure important?

Just like a great car is useless without roads, even a picture perfect landing page will not be striking to Google search robots unless it is properly structured and optimised.

For this reason, designing solid Information Architecture is the very core of every website. Not only does it provide a better user experience, but it is also crucial for generating conversions. There are many direct and indirect benefits of good organization.

Stand-out Website Architecture and Structure

We are one of the few agencies on the market that places enormous stress on creating proper Information Architecture and Website Structure. This entails a proper hierarchy, and the organization and labeling of websites. We work on wireframes to provide a logical navigation, efficiency, usability, and visibility to search engines.

A good way to summarize the above is this word equation:

Website Information Architecture + Website Structure + SEO = Great website traffic

In order to generate said website traffic, the ideal Website Architecture must:

  • be the right answer to proper keyword research.
  • reflect your user’s searches and expectations.
  • improve the usability of your website.
  • support your sales funnel.
  • create an awesome user experience while organizing the content.
  • support your most important landing pages.
  • allow proper PageRank flow with internal linking and navigational solutions.

No task is too big in our quest to serve the client with the best in Website and information Architecture

We design and build structures for small websites:

And we design and build structures for really complex websites:

The workflow procedure we follow:

  1. Analysis of your business and services.
  2. Intense keyword research.
  3. Research into the market niche and organizational solutions of your competition.
  4. Cross comparison of all the keywords found for your services.
  5. Assigning priorities to services and landings.
  6. Designing the new structure in the form of a graph showing each landing page (when necessary we also use a wireframe for single pages).
  7. Working with our client’s content team on building new landing pages (usually in the form of recommendations).
  8. Consultations and project management during the implementation of the new structure.
  9. Detailed check of proper search engine optimization for each landing page.
  10. Launch of the new structure.
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