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An Innovative and Proactive Client Service

Link Risk Management is a service created by Elephate to more effectively meet our client’s needs. Our experience has shown us that many of our clients like to have a say in the link classification and link disavow process. They also want to know exactly why particular links are classified as either good or bad.

To respond to all of our clients’ link risk questions quickly and precisely, we have created a link classification system. This system involves assessing the link quality of each of the many backlinks associated with the client’s website. In order to do this, each link is first assigned to a category. The categories range in type from, for example, ‘scraper content’ to ‘influencer’. Then, once a link has a category, it is also graded in terms of its potential risk or SEO toxicity. The grade is based on a 5 point scale, where 1 is a spam link and 5 is a natural link.

How Our Clients Benefit Using This System

This innovative approach empowers our clients to know just how far to go when deciding to disavow potentially risky backlinks. As a result the client is now able to evaluate risks using two benchmarks, namely: category and grade.

This becomes very helpful when aiming to achieve a manual penalty recovery. Since it is beneficial to keep as many helpful backlinks as possible, we can limit the disavowing of links to the less promising, more toxic categories and grades of links, such as for example, all the grade 1 links. Then, if manual penalty recovery is not forthcoming, more links of a slightly higher quality, such as grade 2 links, can be disavowed, and so on until the manual penalty has been removed.

When toxic backlinks are surgically disavowed in this way, the remaining healthier links are not needlessly lost, and the SERP rankings are likely to bounce back as high as possible, until more healthy backlinks are added and other SEO issues have been resolved.

Backlink Rating Report for Ongoing Link Monitoring

To this end, we also create a report showing the whole backlink profile of your domain. Here you can find the number of links assigned to each category and each specific backlink grade.

Later on, when tuning up a website’s backlinks, this type of report is extremely helpful as, down the line, SEO specialists working with the website will find the backlink rating report to be a particularly helpful record of link risks, while also reducing the need to start the whole process of link auditing again from scratch.

In Summary

Not only would we like to help you, but we would also like to share some of our hard earned know-how with you. Consequently, our Link Risk Management services give you a great deal of control over the link disavow process, and help our clients to understand which links are toxic for their domain.

Doing Link Risk Management this way will further enable you to build exclusively high quality backlinks efficiently, helping to carry your website search engine rankings up into a bright future.

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