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Seven Reasons Why Elephate Delivers Professional SEO Services

Our goal for on-page SEO is also the client’s goal, namely, to radically improve the website potential by making it rank better in search engines and consequently to increase organic traffic. As a result, a perfectly optimized website creates a robust business performance. We get to the bottom of on-page SEO problems, so that Google and other search engines clearly see, and understand, what your website is all about.

So, just how do we make this happen? And what differentiates us from our SEO competitors?

We Adapt All the Important Website Elements to Improve SEO

At the end of the day, even if your website is built using high quality and optimized code, and even if its content is interesting and relevant, it will not necessarily rank well in search engines. Sometimes, it may just not be particularly friendly to crawlers. In other words, the technical SEO audit is the key to success.

If the technical SEO factors are lacking, then even an otherwise excellent website will not come out on top, or even near the top of Google search engine result pages. Consequently, your traffic will remain low and the marketing potential will remain unrealized.

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We Take on the Roles of Instigator and Facilitator for Better Teamwork

We are well aware that on-page SEO doesn’t simply mean filling out a template or working through an extensive optimization checklist. The days when the job of SEOs was to simply put a target keyword in meta tags have long passed.

In doing SEO, we combine the client’s technical, marketing, content and sales strategies by valuing the best solutions for the business interests. All too often, the aforementioned diverse areas are prone to work as if they are on separate projects. We take all of these factors and optimize their efforts, so that each part of the website works synergistically.

Elephate Does SEO with Marketing Know-How

We care about all on-page SEO factors, starting with those that are most liable to have a negative impact on search engine rankings.

In order to favourably align all the aspects of a website design, we optimize our clients’ pages to outperform the competition with traffic higher than ever. We always use state of the art on-page SEO techniques and knowledge of the competitive search engine market in order to produce ranking results that prove the SEO effort is absolutely worth a share of your marketing budget.

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We Do an Extensive SEO Analysis of the Website

To find the right solutions our SEOs focus on gathering all the technical SEO data from your website. We analyze its optimization level, looking closely for SEO ranking factors, such as keywords, meta tags, urls and internal linking, for instance. Then, armed with the knowledge gained by a thorough analysis, our work becomes an enlightened effort, not a myth based fumble.

By equipping ourselves with relevant data, the best tools available and up-to-date training, we implement a methodical and professional SEO approach. At Elephate, we bring years of hard earned on-page SEO experience to the table. As a result, we produce decisive, practical and fruitful optimization solutions that our clients value highly.

We Manage the Hazard of Google Panda

In practice, not doing on-page SEO right can have very negative ranking consequences. In such cases, an otherwise very good website runs the risk of falling foul of Google Panda. It is a search algorithm that sorts websites, allocating a lower rank to those that have been poorly optimized. On the other hand, Panda moves websites using advanced search engines optimization techniques towards the top of the search results.

Crucially, a negative hit by this Google algorithm can ruin the performance of a website in search rankings for months. This undeniably causes lower web visibility, less traffic, and poor business figures for the client. This is why we check if a website is safe from Google Panda’s critical gaze. And in the event that the negative effects are already in place, we will see a quick recovery for the website.

We Offer Key On-Page SEO Specializations

The excellent on-page SEO services we offer include:

  • Optimization of technical website details
  • Keyword research and website keyword analysis
  • Website structure and information architecture
  • On-page content optimization
  • Crawler budget optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Mobile SEO
  • Server logs analysis

We Work with Accountability and Transparency

Despite the fact that professional SEO is a very technical process, we take pride in explaining everything that we do to your satisfaction. We support our explanations with cool logic, professional know-how and clear marketing results in the form of increased organic traffic and visibility.

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