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There’s More to a Well-Optimized Website Than Meets the Eye

Technical SEO audits are focused on making your website easy to understand for search engines.

Proper technical SEO can boost your inbound marketing efforts by 3000% or more.

During the audit, our SEOs use advanced in-depth analytics and state of the art tool range. We prepare optimization recommendations for your webmaster that will make all the technical SEO issues ridiculously easy to fix. We rely not on a unified checklist, but on years of experience.

Our SEO audit service includes:

  • Technical SEO optimization – carefully tuning all the technical factors that can affect your SEO visibility.
  • Code optimization – making sure your website is seen by crawlers the way it should be.
  • Information architecture audit – helping you present the content in a logical way with landing pages that rank high, based on thorough keyword research.
  • Website structure and PageRank flow visualization – investigating internal linking and URLs on your website and allowing more pages to be indexed.
  • Crawling budget optimization – clearly showing bots which pages are the most valuable and helping them crawl those first.
  • Log File analysis – verifying how often search engine bots crawl your website and which pages they visit.
  • Indexation strategy – controlling whether important SEO tools such as sitemaps and redirects are used properly and consequently affecting how many pages are indexed.
  • Mobile SEO – improving the SEO performance of your website on devices with smaller screens.

Make sure that a technical SEO audit is on your marketing checklist. Our experts will help you significantly increase organic traffic, coupled with a compelling growth in sales figures!

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