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We decided to ask local expats about their experience of living in Polish cities.

The First True Viral Content for is our oldest and most successful client on the Polish market. After almost one and a half years of providing solid, comprehensive content (building a “base”), we decided to aim a bit higher and create a piece that would rock the Polish real estate niche.

Foreigners talk about Polish cities

Poland – with its history of Communism, isolation by the Iron Curtain and economical problems in the 90s – was far from being a top emigration (or even vacation) destination for foreigners. However, that has recently changed.

Nowadays, especially in the bigger cities, it’s common to hear many different languages on the streets. We wanted these voices to be heard – so we decided to ask local expats about their experience of living in Polish cities.

By gathering 667 questionnaires considering eight major Polish cities we provided unique data and quoted stories (sometimes reassuring, sometimes terrifying) that were important not only to foreigners but citizens of the said cities as well. We published nine articles (one for each city and one summarizing piece – a nation-wide overview), written both in Polish and English.



The success of this content greatly surpassed our expectations.

We gathered links and brand mentions from over 60 websites, including official city websites and huge, renowned news sites. Some of them weren’t even Polish!

On top of that, we were featured in the local TV and radio, and on the front page of the paper edition of one of the most important Polish newspapers:

Main takeaway: experience!

Preparing and executing this campaign was a priceless experience for us.

We’ve learned new mechanisms, tricks and methods, but also found new creative ways to employ things we felt comfortable with – such as individual outreach or building relationships.

At the end of the day, this was not only successful, but a lesson as well. And we passed it with flying colors!

You can check out the content (in English) at: