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Founder & Head of Content Marketing

At Elephate, we have been helping our clients to tell their story since 2012, making sure they reach a wider audience. By combining content marketing, SEO, and PR, we help you achieve your internet business and communication goals. We are a small agency that can really do a lot. Over the years, we’ve worked on projects for clients from Poland, Great Britain, the USA, the Netherlands, and Belgium.


We know how to effectively use content in internet marketing – this is proved by both the excellent results of our clients, but also the awards we receive. We have won, among others, the Power of Content Marketing awards for creative campaigns on the Polish market and an EU Search Award for the best small agency in Europe.

who we are


We are a team of content marketers, PR specialists, and copywriters who mix knowledge and experience with enthusiasm, passion, and creativity. This blend helps us create and effectively promote meticulously prepared, engaging and precisely optimized content, to help our clients increase online visibility and build a positive image of their brands.


how we work


Although our work often focuses on finding new solutions, we always remember the basics: thorough research, precise market analysis and the knowledge of what the audience needs. Our work is always based on our client’s communication strategy – whether it’s planning creative campaigns, creating content for the company blog, or link building.

We believe that our work brings a completely new quality for content marketing. We are happy to share our knowledge, ways to create and distribute valuable content during training courses, and consultations. We also help with improving and creating completely new content marketing strategies.


We provide the highest quality content marketing and PR services, thanks to which our clients grow and appreciate us as a valuable partner. We care about our self-development, friendly atmosphere and good relationships with clients and among our teams.



  • We’re creative– creating unique and interesting content requires an innovative approach. We mix different creative ideas and solutions to create web content that stands out and attracts media attention.
  • We’re responsible – our work is based on thorough research and verification of information. We constantly improve the content we publish to match the needs of internet users and the most important goals of our clients.
  • We’re involved– we actively monitor our clients’ industries and the moves of their competitors. We constantly look for new tools and follow ever-changing content marketing trends.
  • We’re growing – we want to become our clients’ most trusted partner because their successes are a measure of our own growth. To help them achieve their targets, we constantly expand our knowledge and develop our skills.
  • We work together – Elephate is a well-coordinated team where everyone can count on the support of their colleagues. We are always ready to help our clients too – so that they never feel left alone with a project.
  • We’re transparent – we focus on a transparent partnership: precisely detailed goals, a well-defined strategy, and transparent communication on every step of the way.




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who are about to start their career in content marketing.

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