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Links are one of the most important factors affecting Google search results. By analyzing the links leading to your domain, Google’s algorithms assess its authority and determine its rankings. So it’s not about building links in large quantities, it’s about high quality links. High quality links are the most valuable for search engine rankings. That’s why it’s so important to publish unique and well-researched content across other valuable domains.

Build links of high quality

Quick fix link building strategies are never the way to go because these strategies gain a lot of links in spammy ways. Google is not interested in only a high quantity of links, but they are interested in the quality of them as well. That is why you want to be creating links properly. This brings us to the most significant aspect of a link building campaign: make sure that you build links that are high quality. Quality over quantity. Long term link building plans over quick fixes.

How to avoid black hat link building that negatively affects your search rankings

Link building is often seen as a way to manipulate search engines and get ahead of other websites through (possibly spammy) link building techniques. At Elephate we know that that is not the way to go. Not all links are valuable and have positive effects on your search results. We would advise you to steer clear of shady link building packages, ‘quick’ domain authority fixes and seo agencies that offer the impossible. Building high quality backlinks is something that takes time and effort. Black hat link building might increase your visibility quickly and by a decent amount, but it will never last. Black hat link building can also lead to a penalty from Google that will undo all your previous link building efforts.

Link Building: not only an SEO performance enhancer

Link building doesn’t matter solely from an SEO perspective. It’s also an effective PR tool.  Acquiring links by using organic methods, building relationships with journalists, bloggers and online magazine editors will help you to increase brand awareness and build a positive image online. Link building is where SEO meets public relations.

Strategic content publication plays a big role there too. It will increase domain traffic and visibility and will make you an expert in your field – not only for Google’s algorithms but among your audience as well. That’s why it’s so important to do potent keyword research, so that you can publish content that will naturally increase your link building efforts.

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How to build quality links through potent link building?

A great way to build high-quality links is through guest posts. In guest posts, you can implement external links, with the desired anchor text, that lead to your site. This way you can generate links from relevant websites that you choose. Besides the relevance of the external websites that provide links to your site, the websites should also be seen as high-quality websites by Google. Guest posts are one of the most potent link building tactics which will influence the amount of organic traffic coming to your site.

Elephate can help you with the right link building. We do that by making sure that the right links point at your website. Through extensive research focused on filtering out the correct link targets while keeping link popularity in mind. We will keep you involved in the entire process and with your expertise. That way we will be able to determine which are the most useful links for your site. We will also discuss our guest blogging ideas and take a look at the existing content on your site. Most websites have their own content which could generate links if promoted correctly. At Elephate we know that it would be a waste to not use your content!

Better positions and effective promotion are key to proper link building

At Elephate, we offer a complex approach to link building. We reach out to valuable platforms where you can effectively promote your business. This way, we build a natural link profile and ensure that the majority of users that hear about your brand are the ones that are interested in the topic.

Elephate can help you with several link building services, such as:

  • Obtain links from niche related websites – Google’s algorithms check where external links come from and assess the value and authority of your domain based on that. That is why at Elephate we focus on obtaining links from web pages that fit your niche but also have high domain authority.
  • Improve search engine rankings for the long run – new dofollow links from trusted domains directly translate into increased visibility in organic search results, improved seo performance and organic traffic.
  • Increase traffic on your website – new and valuable audiences are the effect of both better visibility on the web and effective content distribution across popular websites and blogs. An increase in backlinks from other sites will result in more traffic.
  • Diversify links – combine link building with creative campaigns to get links from other sites related to your industry as well as popular websites.
  • Reach new audiences – build their trust through thoughtful content creation for your blog post, and make your new audience members quickly become clients.
  • Improve your broken links – broken link building is an effective strategy when you want to increase your domain authority. It is a fairly easy strategy to increase the number of incoming links.

Safe link building with Elephate

We operate within Google’s guidelines, using only organic methods for SEO link building. Which helps us to create valuable content. It also helps us to build relationships with journalists, bloggers or editorial boards, often guest posting on their websites.

We avoid short-term, spammy methods that violate Google’s guidelines and may expose you to manual penalties. Elephate obtains links through publishing well-written articles, not through sponsored posts, link exchanges, paid catalogs or other black hat link building strategies. The link building that we do for your website will only result in white hat links!

When link building, we always choose websites that are somehow related to your business. This way, we reach audiences who are interested in the content you create, which will increase the authority in your industry and help to address new potential customers. With correct link building your business will increase its organic visibility and traffic!

See how link building has helped our previous clients and why we like to call ourselves a white hat link building agency.

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