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Links are one of the most important factors affecting Google search results. By analyzing the links leading to your domain, Google’s algorithms assess its authority and determine its rankings. So it’s not only a large number of links that the algorithm takes into account, it’s their quality as well. That’s why it’s so important to publish unique and well-researched content across other valuable domains.


When SEO meets Public Relations

Link building doesn’t matter solely from an SEO perspective. It’s also an effective PR tool.  Acquiring links by using organic methods, building relationships with journalists, bloggers, and online magazine editors will enable you to increase brand awareness and build a positive image online. The strategic content publication will increase domain traffic and visibility and will make you an expert in your field – not only for Google’s algorithms but among your audience as well.

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Better positions,
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At Elephate, we offer a complex approach to link building. We reach out to valuable platforms where you can effectively promote your business. This way, we build a natural link profile and ensure that the majority of users that hear about your brand are the ones that are interested in the topic. We can help you:

Obtain links from niche related websites – this is very important because Google’s algorithms check where external links come from and assess the value and authority of your domain on that basis.

Improve search engine rankings for the long run – new dofollow links from trusted domains directly translate into increased visibility in organic search results.

Increase traffic on your website – new and valuable audiences are the effect of both better visibility on the web and the effective content distribution across popular websites and blogs.

Diversify inbound links – combine link building with creative campaigns to get links from sites related to your industry as well as other popular websites.

Reach new audiences – build their trust by thoughtfully preparing the right content, and make your new audience members quickly become clients.


Safe link building
with Elephate

We operate within Google’s guidelines, using only organic methods for link building. We create valuable content and build relationships with journalists, bloggers or editorial boards often guest posting on their websites. We avoid short-term, spammy methods that violate Google’s guidelines and may expose you to manual penalties. We obtain links through publishing well-written articles, not through sponsored posts, link exchanges or paid catalogs.

When link building, we always choose websites that are somehow related to your business. This way, we reach audiences who are interested in the content you create. By doing so, your business gains more than increased visibility and traffic. It also gains authority in your industry and new potential customers.

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