The language that you use to communicate with your audience is one of the most important elements of building brand recognition and trust on the internet. Effective copywriting is based on so much more than just the proper usage of keywords. It’s primarily about creating engaging, factual, and useful content, carefully tailored to the needs of your target audience.


The foundation of good content

We know how to write to explain even the most complex industry-related issues simply. The content that we can create for your website will let you rank higher in Google and gain media attention. This is an easy way to become an expert in the industry and attract new customers to your brand. Your marketing needs good content and your content needs experienced copywriters. Both can be found at Elephate.

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What can we write for you?

We offer many different types of content tailored to your brand’s content marketing strategy. We aim to focus not only on the right optimization of the text but on creating interesting content that provides your readers with the knowledge and entertainment they are looking for. Our offer includes:

SEO copywriting

Creating content for SEO purposes doesn’t solely rely on the selection of keywords and content optimization. Ranking high in Google is only half the struggle – you still need to make sure readers click on the site and find exactly what they were looking for. Our copywriters try to thoroughly understand the intentions behind each search query and always conduct in-depth research on its subject. This way they’re able to adopt the right language, style, and information to your target audience while also keeping the appropriate structure of the text and its most important SEO elements in mind. This is a simple way to make your content more friendly and transparent – for both users and Google’s algorithms.

Guides and expert articles

Your audience needs expert knowledge presented in an accessible way. We will help you to gain their trust by creating content based on carefully selected sources. We look for and verify information ourselves or in cooperation with your experts. With our help, you’ll become an authority in your industry. You will turn your company blog into an always-up-to-date knowledge base that will increase your site’s visibility and generate traffic for the long run.

E-commerce copywriting

We’ll help you to create product and category descriptions, as well as content for your business’s most important landing pages. We’ll ensure that each piece of text is properly optimized and we’ll organize the most important information about your products or services. This way your potential customers will be able to easily discover the assets of your offer. We combine SEO with the most effective sales techniques to help you to grow.

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Press and promotional materials

Effective content distribution helps to get links from valuable domains – one of the most important factors that Google’s algorithms take into account when ranking results. Copywriting plays a huge role in attracting the attention of journalists, bloggers, and editorial staff of the important sites in your industry. Depending on your needs, we’ll create a set of press releases, press notes, and content that you can post on your social media. This will enable you to better promote the content on your site, reach new audiences, and increase the performance of creative campaigns.

Editing and updating older content

Do you run a company blog already? Then go green and recycle old content to rank higher in Google. This is one of the easiest ways to increase visibility on the internet. We will update the most important information, optimize the texts, and edit them in such a way that they’ll become more friendly and transparent. Also, if you wish, we can carry out a comprehensive content audit.

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