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A blog is one of the most effective content marketing tools. It will boost the visibility of your website and attract the right audience – people who are interested in your products or services. If we run your company blog, you can be sure the content will be well-tailored to your audience’s interests and needs.


Where your brand story is told

We’ll create a content calendar and regularly produce engaging articles. We’ll also take good care of their optimization for SEO purposes so that they rank for the right keywords. Your marketing needs good content. We’ll thoughtfully create it in such a way that your brand story is told consistently and engagingly.

What kind of content?

We’ll help you to define and understand your target audience. We’ll create the content your potential clients are looking for. It can be: 

Expert articles – these will help you to build your online authority as an expert and, consequently, strengthen brand awareness among your readers. Share your knowledge and expertise and you’ll build trust showing your most valuable assets.

Guides – these posts are full of useful information your readers need. We create them based on keyword analysis and the most frequently searched queries within your niche. These decent, topical sources bring long-term traffic to your website.

Industry news – this informs about an important event within your niche, gets the community involved, and encourages your readers to participate in discussions on current topics. This will keep your website updated and actively visited by Google bots.

Company news – this lets your readers see the backroom and what your company is like from an insider’s perspective. Share your successes, let them know about your accomplishments and the events related to your company and brand.

Creative campaigns– a blog is a perfect place to post extensive publications such as reports, analysis, research, etc. These will help you attract the attention of journalists and media, also ensuring link coverage.

Graphics and infographics – even the most substantive content should be able to catch the eye. The unique graphic design will perfectly complement any blog content.

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Factors to consider 

No matter how long your posts are – if you want to attract new readers and improve your Google rankings, you’ll need a comprehensive approach to content creation. We’ll help you with:

Regular publications – by systematically creating and publishing new, high-quality content we’ll build a strong community around your brand and attract new readers.

Clear structure – we’ll make sure your posts are user-friendly and that readers can quickly and effortlessly find the information they’re looking for.

Language – we’ll help you to share your expertise in an easily digestible way. Our copywriters know how to adjust the language to the right target group.

Unique content – the content calendar will include original, interesting topics thanks to which your blog will become a source of unique knowledge and information that can’t be found elsewhere.

Optimization –  we’ll perform a thorough keyword analysis and optimize all elements from headers to graphics. This will let you rank higher on Google.


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