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Digital PR strategy can be a powerful tool to reach goals from your digital Public Relations activities. Digital PR campaigns give us the opportunity of constructing our content marketing ideas into tangible results.

Digital PRp campaigns can be seen as a blog post which are brimful of valid information and attractive visuals that are useful to your target audience. Digital campaigns are also a great way to raise awareness for a certain topic and the awareness of your brand.

But that is not where it stops. Digital PR campaigns help you to rank higher in Google, create meaningful blog posts and, most importantly, help to generate high quality backlinks. The links coming from important websites, such as national and local platforms within your niche, helps Google to understand the value of your website.

Your brand on the biggest media platforms

What can attract media attention is creative digital PR campaigns – extensive online press releases with relevant content. We produce them and publish them on your website or company blog, usually in the form of a report, analysis, or press release. These unique pieces of content are full of useful information and presented in an attractive, pleasant form. Thanks to our effective content distribution techniques, they gain a wide interest among journalists and bloggers. This, in turn, increases brand awareness and helps you to build authority and a positive brand image. Digital PR campaigns are the best marketing campaigns when you want to establish an expert image in your niche.

Digital PR campaigns – more than just Public Relations and press releases

Digital PR campaigns are not only a way to form potent relationships with journalists and bloggers. They are so much more. Creative digital PR campaigns can help you gain possibilities for guest posts, convince existing customers to buy your product, improve current blog posts and help to come up with content marketing ideas. By preparing and running digital PR campaigns, we will show you how digital PR benefits you:


Gain natural high-quality backlinks from valuable domains with high authority websites– we collect natural links effectively by preparing substantive content for your website, collaborating with media, journalists, and bloggers to generate referral traffic.


Increase brand awareness – brand mentions in the media will allow you to get to new customers who are difficult or impossible to reach. This is a great way to reach your entire target audience.


Build or strengthen your technical SEO position as an expert – by becoming a source of valuable information within your industry, you’ll gain trust among both your potential clients and Google search engine optimization algorithms.


Boost your email marketing campaign – a digital PR campaign with an attractive infographic is an amazing way to boost your email marketing campaign. The infographic alone can help increase the open rate of your email campaigns.


Are you interested in knowing how we gain brand mentions and link coverage? Do you want to find out how we make our clients popular on the web? Check out our case studies – they’ll show you some digital PR campaigns prepared by the Elephate team and why you should join forces with us.

How do we prepare our digital PR campaigns?

At Elephate we know how important it is to not just create content for the sake of creating content. We use that same ideology when preparing our content marketing campaigns. We focus on user-generated content. That is why, before we suggest a topic for the creative campaign, we do extensive research on your target audience. This research is done based on two steps. 

The first step is a call with you and your team, where we discuss your current customers, domain authority and potential customers. 

The second step is an in-depth research based on your website visitors. When we are certain that we know who your target group is, what they look for on search engines and what draws your audience’s attention, we proceed to with the following steps:


Ideation – with your industry in mind, we look closely at your products and/or services and come up with interesting topics that will attract wider groups. We prepare a few digital PR strategies for you to decide which one best reflects your brand communication strategy.


Data collection – this step is all about collecting and processing the information the campaign will be based on. We use different sources, from research we carry out ourselves to our in-house expertise to data reports and statistics issued by the most respected entities.


Analysis and pre-publishing preparations – we compare the collected data with other sources. This boosts the credibility and informational value of the content we prepare. Having analyzed the data, we write a series of posts or one extensive article.


Designing graphics – we complete the text with visuals – illustrations, infographics, and other materials that can then be used as an extra asset. We always make sure the graphics are well-aligned with your brand identity.


Content distribution – once a creative campaign is ready, we put out online publications to journalists and bloggers. According to what’s most likely to get them interested, we show the major assets of our content and encourage them to use our materials.


Find out how such an online digital PR campaign can work for you!

Not all online marketing campaigns are potent to implement a creative campaign. Digital PR campaigns are always worth it to invest in. They are a great way to see results from your marketing efforts. Contact us to discuss our creative campaign offers.

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