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To achieve the goals, we decided to upgrade a company blog and prepare digital PR campaigns that increase our client's visibility and brand recognition.


Increase in share of SEO traffic


Increase of the total number of users from organic traffic

more than 300%

Increase the number of keywords in TOP3 and TOP10

Elephate & EFL – “Business and You” corporate blog in finance industry case study

EFL, the European Leasing Fund (Credit Agricole Group), is an established brand helping businesses around Poland fulfill their leasing needs. EFL began operations in 1991 as one of the first leasing companies in Poland. The company is a provider of comprehensive financial solutions: leasing, loan, long-term rental, factoring and additional products.

The campaign target audience

Client’s blog target audience:

Target audience (media, journalists):

Goals and Results

Objectives over cooperation period, 11.2019 to 11.2021:

  1. To acquire external links and mentions from authoritative domains via digital PR campaigns; at least 180 publications and 70 links from 3 campaigns
    224 publications in the media
    110 links

  2. To increase the number of keywords ranking in the TOP3 and TOP10 of Google search results, by 200% each

    TOP3: increased by 310%

    TOP10: Increase by 361%

  3. To increase the YOY share of SEO as a source of traffic on the entire website

    Result: Increase in share of SEO traffic from 45% in 2019, to 56% in 2020, and to 70% in 2021

  4. To increase the total number of users from organic traffic by 100% (Dec 2019 vs. Nov 2021)

    Result: Total number of users from organic traffic increased in September 2021 by 218%

  5. To increase the total number of users on the website

    Result: Total number of users increased by 172%

  6. To increase position in TOP 10 compared to the biggest competitor (PKO leasing)

    Result: We overtook our competitor by 1002 keywords in the TOP10.


Following the analysis of the client’s website and “Business and You” corporate blog, we proposed a strategy consisting of both on-page and off-page activities.


Digital PR campaigns:

Campaign 1: What do we associate car brands with? (Jan 2020)


Campaign 2: How do different generations view cars? (June 2020)


Campaign 3: The future of fuels and fuels of the future. (Oct 2020) 



We know how important it is nowadays to provide high-quality content supported by real authorities, especially in such a difficult financial industry.

   Assisting EFL with its content marketing goals meant taking a user-oriented approach. We addressed the needs and questions of our client’s target audience with SEO-optimised content for their corporate blog. We opted for topics related to business, finance, and leasing solutions.

Thanks to such in-depth research and supplementing the text with data visualizations in the form of infographics, we increase our publication reach and develop our client’s brand awareness. We can make the text published in the media of big recognizability. The content is interesting not only for our client’s audience. Through media relations, we manage to encourage journalists or institutions to work on texts and publications based on our materials.

The results speak for themselves — in the presented period, not only the number of keywords in the tops has increased. Also, the traffic on the blog, and thus the share of organic traffic for the entire domain, has increased. All these activities (apart from a significant improvement in the search results, exceeding the brand’s largest competitors) significantly strengthen the client’s brand in a difficult niche, which is the leasing and finance market.

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Increase in share of SEO traffic



Increase of the total number of users from organic traffic


more than 300%

Increase the number of keywords in TOP3 and TOP10