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The internet is flooded with new content every single day and to make your publication stand out you have to go the extra mile. It’s no longer the case of simply creating awesome content and having it published but now it’s also making it visible. One of the most effective ways of promoting your content is an approach that combines a content marketing strategy and Public Relations.


Content marketing and PR
– powerful combination

We will help you promote your brand across different media channels, which for you means getting your brand mentions and quality backlinks on valuable domains. Our digital PR specialists will be happy to use a variety of tactics to improve your online presence.

We will get to your target audiences and make them interested in your products and services. We will build up a relationship with the media and promote your content on different platforms. Combining content marketing with PR is a long-term investment in a positive brand image and coherent communication.

Improving your brand presence with digital PR

Digital PR will support your brand promotion, help to create an expert image, and boost your content distribution. This is a complex approach that takes care of your brand image and your site visibility in Google rankings. What we do:

Long-term media collaboration – we reach out to journalists, editors, and bloggers and establish relationships with them. This results in brand mentions and new backlinks from quality domains. With our help, you will make your brand more recognizable and get more traffic to your site.

Guest posting – by reaching new users you build up your potential clientele. Guest posts help to build your brand awareness and authority. They are also a useful link building strategy.

Brand mentions on media sites – we promote your content on relevant media channels, both international and local. Your brand will appear on sites visited by your potential clients.

Creative campaigns – we base our campaigns on our reports, analysis, or surveys. This lets us produce valuable content that can be a source of information for other users, not only sites within your niche. Creative campaigns also have the potential of being noticed and picked up by different media platforms.

Competitor analysis – we analyze your competition so you are always updated on your competitors’ moves when it comes to online marketing or brand communication.

Promotional materials – we prepare press releases, tweets, or other posts for social media.


Building your brand image online

When you combine content marketing and PR, you get a wide spectrum of important services for better brand communication on the internet. With our help you can:

Diversify communication – promote not only your products and services but also valuable content. This way you can gain new clients’ trust and make more users interested in your brand.

Build better authority – simply make use of your expertise to be appreciated by users and Google algorithms.

Create a new communication strategy – pass a uniform message on different communication channels: a company blog, social media, and platforms.

Increase your site visibility in Google – building your authority and new links do influence your Google rankings.


Digital PR for your site
– it’s your turn now

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