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Preparing two comprehensive reports describing the current mood of Poles and showing that homes became the center of their lives.

Promoting the reports through press releases and monitoring the effects.


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Elephate & VOX – “COVID-19 crisis response” case study

As part of ongoing cooperation with the VOX brand, one of the leading manufacturers of personalized furniture and interior design elements in Poland, we conducted a digital PR campaign consisting of two reports.

Our goal was to engage the target group via comprehensive studies on the well-being and peace of mind of Poles during the COVID-19 crisis, and the role of home space in the period of isolation.

The reports enjoyed widespread interest, especially among local and national media. In total, we generated 289 publications, 155 links, and 139 mentions of our client’s brand.


Digital PR campaign objectives


Campaign target audience

Brand consumers

Young (25-45 years old), independent people who…

  • look for innovations in interior design,
  • perceive the home space as a place based on relationships and values, decorated with character, attention to detail, and care,
  • treat their homes as a realm of freedom and intimacy, where they can be whoever they want to be and do whatever they want to do.
Media/ portals

  • general information 
  • regional
  • blogs and lifestyle 
  • health 
  • business (related to work)
  • parenting blogs
  • interior design 


  • Conducting two social studies on Polish homes, the well-being of their residents, and interpersonal relations during the period of isolation. How have our ties and attitudes towards others changed in the face of COVID-19? We investigated this with surveys at two key moments in the pandemic: during a period of national isolation and following the re-tightening of restrictions.
  • Preparing two comprehensive reports describing the current mood of Poles and showing that homes became the center of their lives – an enclave of sorts.
  • Creating a media database and preparing individual press releases for journalists and web editors.
  • Promoting the reports through press releases and monitoring the effects.



1. Surveys

The surveys contained a series of closed and open-ended questions to give the participants the greatest degree of freedom to express their feelings and experiences. The answers (in the form of quotations) were also used to supplement the data presented in the reports with elements of storytelling.


1st report (1,400 participants), April 2020

The study took place shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions came into effect. We asked the participants to comment on the changes resulting from the restrictions introduced in Poland; people’s lives were then almost completely transferred to the boundaries of their homes. This is why the study focused, among other things, on how Poles feel inside their four walls during the national quarantine, as well as whether and how their homes are adapted to a new role – not just a place to unwind, but also work and remote learning environment.


2nd report (973 participants), October/November 2020

This time we focused on interpersonal relationships and the impact of the pandemic on the nature and frequency of gatherings with friends and relatives – particularly in the context of receiving guests. An important element of the study was the comparison and contrast of current and pre-pandemic behavior. The participants were also asked to share their memory of a post-outbreak meeting that resonated with them the most.


2. Preparation of the reports


3. Publication of the reports on


4. Distribution of press releases via email, followed by performance monitoring.




155 inbound links (breakdown below)
139 brand mentions (breakdown below)


1st report
“Life during the pandemic”

  • 96 publications
  • publication value: PLN 44,237
  • 53 links
  • 43 brand mentions

2nd report
“Relationships during the pandemic”

  • 193 publications
  • publication value: PLN 260,996
  • 102 links
  • 96 brand mentions


Increase in the number of referring domains as a result of the campaign:

Thanks to unique data from our in-depth surveys, we were able to effectively convey that the VOX brand remains close to the individual customer despite the challenges imposed by the pandemic. The reports turned out to be a compelling format not only for our client’s target audience but also for journalists, who used our data as a source of information in their own stories.

As a result, we managed to exponentially exceed all of our goals, generating a total of 289 organic publications with a total estimated value of PLN 269,714.




inbound links



brand mentions