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There’s much more to content marketing than just the text on your website. If you want to keep your readers for longer, you should innovate and diversify your content to make it more engaging. 


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Infographics are currently one of the most effective ways to catch your audience’s eye and attract their attention. They enable you to present even very complex pieces of information and make difficult content easier to understand, remember, and pass on.

If you decide to add infographics to your website, you not only attract your audience’s interest but also boost the effectiveness of online distribution and link building activities.

 Take advantage of the potential of visuals and use them in your brand communication. We’ll design graphics that will enrich the content of your company blog and facilitate their promotion on the web. Making any industry report or other creative campaign publications easily digestible and eye-friendly, we’ll also make sure it’s all visualized clearly and aesthetically.


How do we create infographics?

A well-designed, clear infographic will improve your online presence, extend your reach across social media, and increase your authority as an expert. But it will also bring you new backlinks from external domains. When designing and creating visuals for your website, we tailor the creative processes to the right topic considering the industry-specific reality and your target groups’ interests and needs. Among other things, we take good care of:

Fact selection – we choose the information that most effectively catches the attention of not only your target group but also journalists. We opt for interesting, identifiable comparisons that bring your audience closer to you and your brand.

Original form – there are thrilling ways to present facts, even the dullest ones. We’re always on the lookout for presenting data in new, non-standard ways. We also find the right balance between innovative graphics and traditional charts or graphs.

A wide variety of sources – by choosing information from various sources (from internal research findings and reports, through consultations with experts, to statistics from the official organizations) we increase the credibility of infographics and thus attract media attention.

Engaging text copywriting means well-asked questions, intriguing headlines, and clear descriptions. These are all extremely important elements of an infographic. We keep a consistent tone in the graphics and text so the whole thing is as coherent and reader-friendly as possible.

Consistency of the visuals with your brand identification – in order for the infographics to become part of your brand story, we adjust specific elements of our visuals to the layout of your website and brand book.


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