Content marketing audit

A skillful content marketing audit is one of the most important stages in planning a long-term content marketing strategy. It helps to verify the previous strategy and point out areas where you can easily get more traffic.


Website content audit – what do we analyze?

We collect our analysis and recommendation in one document – you can always refer to it to improve your website content. Our guidelines let you optimize your content for keywords making it more visible and adequate for users. To carry out your audit, we use tools like Google Analytics and Search Console, Ahrefs, or Semrush. There are 3 stages in the process: 


1. Sales content analysis

This is the key area for any e-commerce site. We will analyze the content on your sales and product pages such as:

  • Category descriptions
  • Product descriptions 
  • Product catalog structures
  • Sales landing pages

2. Company blog analysis

We take a close look at your company blog not only from an SEO perspective but also from a user’s perspective to see if your content is useful and valuable.

We analyze:

  • Topic ideas
  • Content relevancy
  • Keyword use
  • Organic visibility
  • Text editing
  • Text style
  • Internal and external links
  • Any graphics
  • Tags and categories
  • UX elements 
  • Authors’ bios 

3. Recommendation and suggestion

We always prepare specific guidelines to make the process of creating quality content easier for you. If you follow them, your website content will not only address the user’s needs better but also become Google-friendly.

Our suggestions usually concern

  • Necessary technical on-page changes – we will point out any technical glitches that may prevent the site from ranking higher. It may turn out your site needs some good cleaning to make it clearer, more intuitive and user-friendly
  • New content – we will suggest a few topic areas which will let you attract more users and build your brand authority
  • Old blog posts – we will let you know which posts should be upgraded, edited, or optimized for keywords. Updating your old content is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost the SEO potential of your site
  • Changes in site structure – creating consistent URL structures or redirects will make your site more Google-friendly, which will result in better rankings
  • Keywords to use – better SEO optimization will get you closer to users searching for the type of products you sell or content you publish.

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