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How To Make Your Article a Great Read

Do you want to start writing?

Writing is one of the things many people get involved in, or simply want to give it a try. Every day we see hundreds of headlines and spend our time reading tons of posts, not really knowing if it was written by a professional writer or just a skilled hobbyist. Now when the Internet is filled with blogs and websites and contain both low and high quality content, it’s easy to get a bit confused about what a good article looks like and if it was structured properly. So how do you know if your content won’t be considered as a waste of time by readers?

Rethink everything

First of all, before even starting typing, you need to take into account your target audience. Think where the article is going to be published and what kind of readers will come across the text. Articles are like a conversation with readers, so make sure to keep them interested from the very first sentence. Next, think for a moment about this specific article’s purpose. Will it contain information, descriptions, suggestions? Are you going to discuss and compare  two different points of view? Or will it simply be a piece of advice? These are the simple things that a writer should know before filling a blank sheet of paper. When there is a sure platform for the article to be published, the aim has been set and you know your target reader who will most likely read it, you can move on to determine the style, formality and language of the text. It could be formal, semi-formal or informal but this is something that can only be decided only after putting some effort into thinking about this target readership . But no matter what the target group is, please don’t try to focus the writing on yourself. Sure, opinions matter but it’s very important to know when actually writing about them can be justified. Your writing needs to direct the reader personally but also be targeted at general public.

What can you write about?

When it comes to choosing the topic of your article, go for something you do not get emotional about as it might have a negative impact on your piece. If you want to get in more detail, make sure you have good argumentation for the pros and cons of the thesis you’re going for. Also, make sure you can create an entire article out of the topic you chose and won’t end up putting random text fillers into your writing. Length of the article doesn’t really matter: what’s the point of writing an article that’s five pages long when same thing could be easily downsized to 2 pages? Keeping it short will not only save you some work as there won’t be any need to spend extra time thinking of words to create longer descriptions, and what’s more important, it’ll save readers’ time and will keep them interested. Keeping things short makes it very likely for readers to actually read the article as longer texts will be only scanned through.

Consistency matters

While typing, keep the language of the text descriptive, use vocabulary that suits the topic and is appropriate for the style you decided on. Be sure to stay committed to it, as mixing formal and informal styles is one of the biggest mistakes one can make while creating content. It lowers both quality and readability of the text straight away. Also, remember not to get too emotional or too personal with your article. Even if you have a good relationship with your readers and there’s a chance they could care about your personal life and opinions, it’s still an article, not a page taken out of a diary. Articles need to bring something fresh and interesting to readers’ mind and a personal note is probably not what they were looking for when following the link to your writing. Don’t let the topic get lost in a random ramble.

Construction site

With that being said, moving to the article’s structure seems about right. Start off with the title. It needs to be eye-catching, as it’s what will attract readers before even making a decision whether to go through the whole thing. Next, create an introduction, that will keep them interested and will slightly give out what the piece is about. With an introduction that is ready, move on to the main body. It should be two to five paragraphs long and should nicely cover the topic. The next can’t be hard to go through. Try using subheadings to make reading easier. Don’t let the text seem unorganized. Lastly, write a conclusion to sum up all the thoughts included in the piece. That’s the place where comments and recommendations are completely okay and will be a nice summary for the topic or will make a good closure.

Final thoughts

So, now that all the secrets to a proper construction of an article have been revealed, no further problems should occur (at least, if you’re not on a creative block). Writing is not easy but it’s definitely something everyone can work on and see how much can be improved with following just a few tips. But be careful, it’s easy to get trapped by ambitions, so let improving take over your life. Keep in mind that an article could be undergoing perfecting processes endlessly. There will always be something you could rewrite or create differently. My final tip is to let others read your texts before publishing them. Their opinions are really valuable, as they could be your potential readers. Have your colleagues, friends, family or someone you trust read your writings and see what they have to say about it. Don’t get offended if they recommend to make some changes or even rewrite the whole thing. If it wasn’t for them, you’d be risking posting a bad publication, under your name, for everyone to see. Isn’t it better to have someone stop you from ruining your opinion or career? Exactly. Are you ready to take your writing to a new level? Good luck!

  • 02 February 2016
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