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Company blog

A blog is one of the most effective content marketing tools. It will boost the visibility of your website and attract the right audience – people who are interested in your products or services. A blog is also a great tool to show search engines what your site is all about.

Company blog – where your brand story is told

If we run your company blog, you can be sure the content will be well-tailored to your audience’s interests and needs. We’ll create a content calendar and regularly produce engaging articles based on solid keyword research. We’ll also take good care of their search engine optimization purposes so that they rank for the right keywords.

Your online marketing strategy needs good content. We’ll thoughtfully create it in such a way that your brand story is told in a consistent and engaging way.

What kind of content do we create for a company blog?

We’ll help you to define and understand your target audience. We’ll create the content your potential clients are looking for. It can be:

  • Expert articles – these will help you to build your online authority as an expert and, simultaneously, strengthen brand awareness among your readers. Share your knowledge and expertise with your readers and you’ll build trust showing your most valuable assets.
  • Guides – these posts are full of useful information your readers need. We create them based on keyword analysis and the most frequently searched queries within your niche. These decent, topical sources bring long-term traffic to your website.
  • Industry news – this informs about an important event within your niche, gets the community involved and encourages your readers to participate in discussions on current topics. This will keep your website updated and actively visited by Google bots.
  • Company news – this lets your readers see the backroom and what your company is like from an insider’s perspective. Share your successes, let them know about your accomplishments and the events related to your company and brand.
  • Creative campaigns – a company blog is a perfect place to post extensive publications such as reports, analysis, research, etc. These will help you attract the attention of journalists and media and also help with link coverage.



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Factors to consider when creating content for a company blog

No matter how long your blog post is – if you want to attract new readers and improve your Google rankings, you’ll need a comprehensive approach to content creation.

We’ll help you with:

  • Regular publications – by systematically creating and publishing new, high-quality content we’ll build a strong community around your brand and attract new readers through engaging blog posts.
  • Clear structure – we’ll make sure your posts are user-friendly and that readers can quickly and effortlessly find the information they’re looking for.
  • Language – we’ll help you to share your expertise in an easily digestible way. Our copywriters know how to adjust the language to the right target group and increase blog traffic by engaging the readers.
  • Unique content – the content calendar will include original, interesting and informative content based on thorough keyword research. Thanks to that, your blog will become a source of unique knowledge and information that can’t be found elsewhere. This will help to generate more traffic to your blog and is simultaneously beneficial for link building.

How do we optimize your (current) blog post?

Most websites that work with us already have a blog with potent information, so it would be a waste to start from scratch. To optimize your current blog posts we’ll first perform a thorough keyword analysis and optimize all elements from the header, to the meta description to the graphics.  We will also check the inbound links that are used and optimize them if needed. Secondly, we will use various tools that give us insights into your blog visitors on which we will create a user profile. We always make sure that the user profile is a representation of your potential customers.

Based on these profiles we can dig into the reader’s interest and filter out all the relevant content on your website. We do that through an analysis of search queries from various tools.  If your company works with bloggers already, we would love to work with them as well! We would dive into their current blogging efforts and help them to start optimizing their blog posts.

After checking every single blog post on your blog, we will develop a content marketing strategy for the new blog posts. This content marketing strategy will help us to create content that fits your industry and customers, and will generate new leads. Our content strategy will help you to stay competitive in your niche and increase your visibility in comparison to other websites.

Increasing your company blog’s visibility through off-site activities

After your blog is fully SEO optimized, we start working on increasing your company blog’s visibility. We will focus on building valid links that come to your website. We won’t use quick fixes to get those links, but we focus on gaining links from websites from your niche. Also, we will focus on websites that have a strong domain authority, so that Google sees that your site is a value to these strong sites. This will help a lot with the traffic coming in. We obtain these links through offering well written guest posts to websites and businesses that fit your niche.

Next to the guest posts, Elephate also obtains links through creative campaigns. These campaigns contain a huge amount of valuable information to your niche. This information is then processed in an easily digestible infographic. Content of such informational value is generating links on their own! These creative campaigns are also a good way to establish relationships with journalists and bloggers. Do you want to know more about our creative campaigns? You can read more about them here.

Improve your company blog with Elephate

All these factors will affect your search engine rankings in a positive way, and will make your blog one of the best company blogs out there! The SEO experts at Elephate would love to take a look at your blog and help you to get the best out of it.

Read our case studies to get a better idea of our content marketing strategies or contact us for more information on what Elephate can do for your blog!

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