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Make a splash on the web. Digital PR campaigns – an effective way to promote your brand

Marketing is most effective when there is synergy between individual activities. It is like putting together a puzzle – one piece fits the other and connects it to the third, creating a logical whole. The same principle can be used to describe the cooperation and mutual influence of SEO, PR, and content marketing, which join forces in the form of a digital PR campaign.

Digital PR is used to increase brand awareness using tools available on the internet. In many ways, it is similar to traditional public relations but offers the opportunity to reach a much wider audience. With its help, you can influence almost all types of activities of your company in the online world. Starting from shaping the brand image, increasing your SEO visibility and website traffic, and ending with the presence in various types of internet media – news websites, industry portals, or specific communities.

Creative campaign – digital PR tool

Contrary to popular belief, an e-PR strategy is not only about developing special press releases or running a press office. It also gathers the online community around a topic and builds relationships with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. In fact, it is a whole spectrum of activities that are ultimately designed to connect with potential customers and encourage them to use the company’s services. In short – digital PR can make your brand the talk of the web. One of the tools that can help you achieve this effect is creative campaigns. Take a look at what they are exactly and why you should consider them in your marketing plans.

Digital PR campaigns – what exactly are they?

5,000 – the number of ads an average person is exposed to daily. It is not easy to stand out in such a maze of information and countless messages, which is why brands are always on the lookout for alternative methods of reaching new recipients. Ones that will allow them to stand out from the competition and attract attention. However, they must not forget about the people who already use their services. Much greater profits can be achieved through the cyclical sale of products to regular customers than to new customers who do not yet place sufficient trust in the brand. A digital PR campaign is an action that meets both of these assumptions.

Creation and data analysis combination

It can take many forms: analysis,

the report, research, ranking, video, or even infographics. However, the distinguishing factor is unique and extensive content that is rich in all kinds of information and data. Presented attractively and carrying an emotional load, digital PR campaigns can capture the interest of journalists and bloggers. As a result, your brand has a chance to get valuable publications in the national media – both in the form of mentions about the company and quality links to the website.

Content is king…

Two things are most important when creating a digital PR campaign. The first of these is the topic itself. It does not have to be strictly related to the products or services you offer. Demonstrate your wider perspective! If you are a window manufacturer, do not limit yourself to campaigns about which models are the best or bought most frequently. An exceedingly advertising character matched with a popular topic will likely not attract enough attention, and the result will not be satisfactory.

Allow yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and try to think about your product in “out of the box” terms. After all, a window is not only the basic elements of a home space but also a lens through which we explore the world around us. So why not organize a competition for the most breathtaking window view or research sights that stay in our memories? Based on the photos and statements of the respondents, you can create a moving and original story that will deepen your relationship with customers and show that you are close to them – you are genuinely interested in their lives and emotions.

…but distribution is a queen

Enriched with an emotional charge, unique content leads to the second important thing – distribution. When creating a digital PR campaign, remember that it exists on a two-dimensional plane. On the one hand, the message is directed to the user, and on the other, to the media, which plays the role of an intermediary between the brand and the recipient.

It’s no secret ‒ even if your campaign is arguably the best in the world, it is unlikely anyone will hear about it without promotional effort. You need to “sell” appropriately. For that to happen, the topic needs to be compelling and stand out from the crowd. Hundreds of press releases end up in journalists’ inboxes every day. Only a small percentage of them are actually read and used. That is why your message needs to be attractive enough not to be dismissed, and make a worthy publication for the journalists.

According to statistics, only 19% of marketers admit to creating original research and content!

The key to effective distribution is quality over quantity. A press release should reach a well-defined and carefully selected database of contacts. Blindly sending it to as many recipients as possible does not guarantee success. Before starting the promotion of content, you should carefully review the various portals and the profiles of editors who write for them. Firstly, select those that may be potentially interested in the topic, and secondly – are an appropriate destination for publications about your brand. Building relations with the media is one of the main tasks of digital PR.

The number of emails sent and received every day continues to grow. As of 2020, 306.1 billion emails are exchanged daily around the world. It is estimated that by 2024, this number will increase to 361.6 billion.

6 benefits of digital PR campaigns

Digital PR brings many direct and indirect benefits to your company. It is worth getting to know them well to be able to more precisely define the goals of conducted campaigns and track their effectiveness. Why should you bet on this form of marketing?

  • Your brand is the largest media – alluring content and effective distribution can generate publications about the campaign both in the most popular general information and industry-specific websites. It is not uncommon for a brand to make a cost-free appearance where it would normally cost several thousand for an advertisement or sponsored article. The popularity achieved on the internet may also translate into the interest of traditional media – press, radio, and television.
  • Increased brand awareness – the more popular destinations mention your company, the greater the chance that someone will want to learn more about it. To do this, they will check your website to see who you are and what you do. Perhaps they will not buy anything right away or use your services, but they will already be aware that such a company exists and be reminded of this when they need something.
  • Natural links from valuable domains – a digital PR campaign is a safe way to increase referral links. Backlinks from websites with high authority will have a positive impact on the positioning of your website and will translate into an increase in the visibility of your products and services in organic search results. 
  • Increased website traffic – the more people read about your company and share your content on the internet, the greater the likelihood of them paying a visit to your website. While they are at it, perhaps they will be tempted to buy something? 
  • Image of an expert carefully prepared and reliable data, which has been presented in an easily accessible format, allows you to become a reliable source of information both in the eyes of users and journalists. It is also an opportunity for you to educate, shape, and develop your industry and market. The more interesting and unique data you collect, the more likely it is that others will consume it without your help, use it in their materials and ultimately promote it further.
  • Building trust in the brand – better visibility and recognition of the brand increases credibility and trust among potential customers. Thanks to your presence in the media, you have the opportunity to reach many new recipients that were previously difficult for you to acquire. At the same time, you will gain authority not only in the public eye but also in the eyes of Google algorithms. Creating engaging content and receiving positive reviews and mentions will signal to search engines that your brand is trustworthy.

See how others have done it

You already know what a digital PR campaign is, but are you missing some inspiring examples? Take a look at our latest case studies. There you will find out how the process of creating content and its promotion are carried out, and most importantly – what effects it all brings.


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