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Keyword Research

The basic prerequisite for getting the right sort of people to visit your website is to use keywords that web users in your market sector are already using to find the niche products they buy. When such keywords are found, not only do they increase website traffic and profits, but they even help to encourage and draw in additional new buyers who are currently unreached.

The truth is that without clear keywords, the goals of your SEO efforts are, at best, too vague and, at worst, misguided. Therefore, the time spent on this strategic and foundational task is time well spent. We offer a comprehensive service, providing you with an all inclusive approach to Market Research and Keyword harvesting.

How Keywords are Important

Keywords that are ideally suited and matched to your business are the starting blocks which will give you the edge on your competitors, enabling your business to gain the initial foothold needed to dominate your niche market and outrank competitors.

Benefits of Keywords that Super-Match Your Website

  • They give SEO specialists clear goals for building your website structure.
  • They provide “safe” topic ideas for your content team to develop.
  • They provide more value for your users – you build content around the topics they are searching for.
  • Greater safety is achieved by traffic diversification. Your visibility won’t rely on just a few high-traffic keywords.

Keywords that Super-Match Your Website Include

  • Profitable “low hanging fruits” – keywords with good search volume, and very low competition.
  • Mid, long and ultra-long tail keywords that target a niche market more accurately, with much better sales conversions.

Keyword Market Research

This requires an in depth analysis and the smart matching of our client’s needs and goals to the search terms that customers in your sector are already using. This is a complex process for which we employ all the latest and best software tools designed for this purpose.

Steps We Follow in Proper Keyword & Market Research

  1. Analyze and determine what our client’s business offers.
  2. Gather a large set of potential keywords related to our client’s business.
  3. Isolate the most productive keywords used by our client’s competitors.
  4. Evaluate the list of keywords by cross-referencing each prospective keyword against traffic numbers, our client’s products on offer, and their relevancy to our client’s business.
  5. In cooperation with our client, choose a winning keyword set.

Remember, proper Market Research will help you gather good keywords, which are the building blocks for an effective, and ultimately, successful SEO.

In Summary

We aim to provide Market Research and Keyword Delivery that fully includes the needs and preferences of our clients. We, at all times, follow a policy of transparency and mutual cooperation in the pursuit of our client’s goals.

We prioritize Market Research and super-fit Keyword matching as it is an essential and foundational aspect of effective SEO for your website.

We make your priority our priority, and offer the Elephate service guarantee that ensures client satisfaction.  As our case studies/client recommendations confirm, we will provide service with a smile from the very first time you contact us.

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