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Link building is one of the most important elements of your content marketing strategy. By acquiring links from valuable domains, you will build your brand’s authority, improve your position in search results, and make it easier for new audiences to find your brand on the web. For this to happen, you need links from trusted and valuable sites, e.g. popular platforms or reliable websites closely related to your industry.


Focus on quality, not quantity

This way you will be seen as an industry expert, by both Google’s algorithms and potential customers. There are no shortcuts here – poor quality links from catalogs, private blog networks or paid posts can only hurt you. Sounds complicated?

Don’t worry, we can teach you how to properly plan a link building strategy. We’ll also advise you on how you can combine content marketing with PR, and show you some of the most useful techniques and tools for link building. You will also find out how to follow Google’s guidelines.

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Effective link building 

During our link building course, you will learn everything you need to know about effective content distribution. You will also find out about the most useful tools, master effective link building techniques, and learn what to avoid to not be penalized by Google. At our link building course you will learn:

  • About organic link building methods
  • Ways to use a company blog in link building campaigns
  • Techniques for building relationships with platform editors, bloggers, and journalists
  • Ways to Plan an outreach campaign
  • The basis of successful work with editors
  • About the types of content that will help you get new links
  • How to use tools to find the right platforms for guest posting
  • About link analysis tools
  • Ways to measure the effectiveness of link building activities
  • About the greatest threats related to unethical practices


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We tailor the course to your knowledge, needs, and industry. During each course, we present not only a set of practical examples from our work but also several link building techniques best suited to the specifics of your business. Write to us and let us know what you need. The courses take place directly at your company’s headquarters and we provide all the necessary materials. 


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