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How content marketing can promote your online store?

The Polish e-commerce market is one of the fastest-growing industries in Europe. According to the Dun & Brandstreet data, there have been more than 52.3K registered online stores in our country since the beginning of 2022. In fact, there are even more vendors because many companies use external platforms and social media for sale.

Over 77% of Poles have a chance to come across the offered products and services. According to the last year’s Gemius report, this is the exact proportion of Poles purchasing on the Internet.

The bigger competition, the more you have to invest to stand out effectively when compared to the other businesses. How to promote an online store? Content marketing may play a key role in its positioning.

In the article, we suggest how to benefit from growing cake and provide yourself with a permanent group of consumers as well as a regular flow of new ones without investing in paid ads.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • What you should know about online store positioning?
  • What are the good content marketing strategies in the e-commerce industry?
  • How do you control the effects of undertaken activities?
  • Why does it pay off to promote an online store by means of content marketing?

Online store positioning – how to start?

The basis of success in the e-commerce industry is a friendly and intuitive sales process. In order to increase traffic and conversion first, you should well design and then promote your online business.

Market research will be a better advisor than your intuition. A thorough analysis will help you create a clear domain structure, understandable to both the clients and Google robots. Solid technical background is a must in order to provide visibility in search engine.

Hot to position your online store to support its success? Let’s discuss areas that are worth focusing on.

Make sure that you understand your clients

You may think that you perfectly know the clients of your online store. You just need to look through the statistics shared by Facebook or analyze the charts in Google Analytics.

However, do you really know what are these people looking for?

In order to attract as many users interested in your products or services as possible, you have to make in-depth research of keywords. As a result, you will know which phrases and terms are frequently used by the people whose attention you’ve been fighting with your competition.

Let’s assume that you run your own online store with lightning and wonder how to name the category of products to hang under the ceiling. Even if the term “hanging lamp” is commonly used in the industry, after the research of keywords in Senuto it turns out that Internet users look for “chandelier” three times more frequently. If you want to increase organic traffic, you should use this term for the category.

Website positioning based on the intention of the potential clients

Bear in mind that behind every inquiry in Google, there is a particular intention. The goal of the user is not always a purchase. Sometimes it’s about gaining knowledge or finding the nearest place, which offers a specific product or service.

Everyone, who wonders, how to position his online store should understand the difference between the particular kinds of key phrases. Instead of fighting unsuccessfully for top positions for general words with an enormous number of searches, it’s easier to get to the forefront of less popular inquiries.

Name and describe properly offered products and services

The content on the website of your online store should be understandable and clearly grouped. They will be user-friendly, and the user will eagerly go to the next steps of the sales process.

It is all about intuitive navigation, proper headlines’ configuration, and optimal size of the fonts as well as the products and categories descriptions.

Original content is the best promotion for online store

Even if you’re just a middleman, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the materials provided by the producer. By creating original descriptions, you will stand out from the competition, which offers the same products in the online store.

Although creating high-quality content for every subpage is demanding and time-consuming, this is how the domain’s position has a chance to rank in high positions on crucial keywords. The popularity of the store on Google will grow right with it.

Narrowing down means higher conversion rates

While selecting keywords for the particular product description, don’t ignore so-called long-tail keywords. Although they may seem to have less potential at first, it’s been estimated that long-tail keywords are responsible for even 70% of the traffic. It’ll be a good idea to prepare a section with questions and answers and place it on the offering subpage.

“Which pendant for the bedroom”, “which bracket for round mirror”, “which LED lightstrip for the kitchen” – if you’re the owner of an online lighting store, you can attract the prospective client by explaining each of these doubts.

The effect will be a growing number of people visiting the website and sales. Someone who precisely described what he needs and got to your online store would be more eager to purchase than a person who used a more general phrase.

Provide professional optimization

Online store positioning consists of many elements – also not visible at first glance since they are in the HTML code. For instance, meta titles and meta descriptions with proper length or ALT attributes in every graphic.

Domain rating is also affected by elements such as subpage speed, user-friendly interface, and proper configuration of the server.

If we take care of the technical issues, Google robots will be able to analyze the website more thoroughly and acknowledge it as attractive. It will directly support promoting the online store.

Website Audit Tools

You can use Lighthouse as a tool to conduct an audit of the website. Apart from specific rates for desktop and mobile versions, you will also know the existing errors. It is worth fixing them and not impede your domain from achieving even better results.

If you want to detect more serious mistakes, such as the improper structure of the online store, you’d better use the support of a professional agency. Content marketing audit for e-commerce is a one-time expense, which pays off quickly.

Monitor the situation regularly

Works on online store positioning and promoting should be regular. Competition on the web is so big that even stopping the activities for a moment may result in losing high positions in search results.

Bear in mind that SEO visibility affects directly the popularity of the website. It may be shown in the example of traditional trade and point of sales location. If your store is located in the center of the city, it has a chance to arise more interest than the venue in the suburbs.

Comparing online store with the other ones

How do you position an online store, so it would bring long-term effects in the form of increased organic traffic? Observe regularly the results of undertaken activities and monitor the competition.

You can use the reports available in Google Search Console to analyze the situation. This tool lets you monitor the views, real clicks, and website position for particular inquiries. It also helps to identify technical errors, which stunt the promotion of the online store.

How to promote an online store by means of content marketing?

Promoting an online store by means of content marketing activities followed by publications on social media offer almost unlimited possibilities. Formulating a complex strategy should be the starting point. Its basis is the analysis of the current situation and possible perspectives.

In such document, we define i.a. consumer profiles, i.e., representatives of the target group, we determine the budget, particular goals, and ways to achieve them. On the basis of the analysis and determined goals, we choose the proper channels, tools, and methods to measure the results. Activities concerning the creation and content distribution should be conducted on the basis of previously settled schedules.

How to promote an online store using content marketing activities? Let’s take a look at the proven solution.

Present yourself as an expert on the company blog

A company blog is one of the most frequently used tools to promote the online store. No wonder. It is a perfect platform to build a reliable context for your offer. You can share interesting articles, results of conducted research or useful guidelines, and products reviews.

High-quality content is a must in building trust in the brand and improving its image. If content creation is based on detailed keyword research, it will constantly attract new recipients through organic search results. Well-optimized content section will influence SEO visibility of the whole domain.

What to write about to promote an online store?

Interesting articles will help to promote an online store in a natural way. If you sell cosmetics, you can advise the readers on which products to choose and how to apply them. If you offer decorative accessories, it will be a good call to summarize ideas for using them in interior design.

When you create materials, which support promoting an online store, answer the particular questions and needs of your target group. You can educate, inspire, and entertain – choose this kind of communication, which responds to the tone of voice of your brand.

The company blog is also successful in difficult industries. Our collaboration with EFL brand could be proof of that. Thanks to i.a. creating engaging content over 2 years, we managed to get 218% growth of users in organic traffic. The number of terms for which the client’s domain ranks in TOP3 and TOP10 in search results increased respectively by 310 and 361%.

Undertake regular link-building activities

You probably know how important internal links are, which organize the structure of your online store. However, links may have not only a navigational function, but also influence the position of your domain in search results.

If there is a link to your website on an external portal, especially with high credibility, Google robots will receive a signal that you share valuable content. Thereby, the likelihood that your domain will be proposed in search results will raise.

How to promote an online store through link-building? The easiest way is to make relations with media that are thematically connected with the industry of the brand. Creating an attractive guest post or sponsored article will also support building a positive image of your brand. It should be high-quality text and contain links to the offered products or services.

You can collaborate both with general and industry services. From the PR point of view, the most important will be the context in which your brand will appear, and from the SEO point of view – high domain authority. It is shown by the particular metrics, such as Ahrefs DR or Moz DA.

Get natural mentions about your brand

Digital PR differs from traditional image-building activities because it reaches a bigger audience. It is worth taking advantage of this sales potential and planning content marketing activities for your e-commerce business.

How to promote your business by this method? First, it is best to choose the subject, which arises general interest and connects with the industry of the brand. Next, you just need to prepare an attractive publication in a form of an article, landing page, video, or infographics.

In order to attract attention while supporting the promotion of an online store, you should work on unique data. In gaining valuable information, self-conducted research may be helpful.

Online store promotion and gaining new clients through the campaign

Creatively prepared material may be the basis for a digital PR campaign. Social media and press releases sent to the journalists could be used for promotion.

If you carefully select the information provided to the editorial offices and adjust them to the profile of their services, there is a chance that they will share it. Thereby, you will get a natural mention of your store and also often a link to your website.

However, conducting a successful campaign requires knowledge of PR. It is worth using the support of a content marketing agency, such as Elephate.

In January, we promoted a report on femininity and sisterhood. The effect of the campaign was 618 external publications about the cosmetic brand Nutridome. According to the Newspoint estimation, their total reach was 4.5 billion people and a total worth – 635.458 PLN.

Follow the results and react

Thanks to synergistic content marketing activities, the website of your online store will start position on the higher positions in search results for more quires. The growth of SEO visibility will translate to higher organic traffic, which is a bigger number of visitors will be your future-satisfied clients.

So the upward tendency has a chance to maintain, you should remember that even the best-optimized content may require refreshing. Pay attention to whether every subpage on your domain is up-to-date, and articles on your blog contain links only to the products or services still available in the offer.

Thanks to that, the content section will let you promote your online store very effectively.

Why is it worth choosing content marketing in e-commerce?

Today, the same products or similar services are available in many online stores. If you don’t want to compete only by the lowest price, you should create a valuable context for your offer. Good content marketing let you do it.

By posting high-quality content, you may present yourself as an expert in your industry by creating brand recognition and promoting its values. If you will be loyal to good SEO practices at the same time, you will manage to promote the online store and attract new customers to its website.

Advantages of online store promotion through content marketing

What distinguishes such activities? Here are a few advantages of using content marketing in e-commerce.

  • Due to valuable content, the business may rank in high positions for hundreds of keywords connected with the offer. It allows increasing the recognition of the online stores, which are longer on the market.
  • Organic traffic supports conversion and sales. The number of users visiting the website permanently increases without the necessity of large financial outlays. It’s a chance for regaining abandoned carts in a natural way.
  • Sharing content allows for building particular associations with the brand and trusting it, and as a result – becoming closer to the recipients who are going to be the regular customer.
  • Posting the specific kind of materials may arise the interest of the particular target group, which attention we care about the most.
  • Promotion of the online store which is based on attractive content reaches everyone. Even people who use ad blocks and the ones who automatically miss Google Ads may also come across them.
  • The effect remains even after ceasing content marketing activities.

Wait for the success of your store

Remember that positioning and promoting the online store with content marketing take time and persistence. In order to achieve spectacular results, you have to be patient. Depending on the industry, the effects may be visible after a few months.

Moreover, effective promotion of your online store requires creativity, knowledge and SEO, content marketing as well as digital PR skills. If you have been running your business for a while, and you are not satisfied with its visibility on the web, it will be a good idea to use the services of an experienced agency.


Free traffic from search engines is the cheapest source of leads for your business. Well-optimized online store may constantly attract new recipients.

If you want to promote your online store quickly, you don’t have to limit yourself to the Google Ads system and paid ads on social media. You may find potential clients conducting unique digital PR campaign, creating high-quality articles for the blog, and posting interesting guest posts on external domains.

Content marketing activities improve not only the SEO visibility of the domain, but also help build the engagement of the users, which may translate into long-term conversion. Once you make an effort connected with future conversion has a chance to gain a competitive advantage that will last even after spending the whole budget on graphic or text ads.

If you are wondering how to effectively position and promote your online store through content marketing, contact our agency. We will prepare a complex offer adjusted to your needs and the industry character you are acting in.

About some of our successes, you will read in posted case studies.

  • 11 August 2022

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