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How to map out an effective strategy that will combine content marketing, SEO, and PR? Where to look for content ideas attractive to clients and users? Which tools will be most useful when realizing your content marketing plan and measuring its effects?


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If you want to promote your business online effectively, you should know the answers to these questions. You’d better not aim in every direction and try whatever you find – you’re more likely to waste your budget on short-term effects doing that. Our specialists are happy to share their expertise and advise you on the best practices of content marketing, SEO, and PR.

Our courses will give you practical knowledge on how to meet Google guidelines, improve your rankings, and build a positive brand identity. In our digital marketing course, you’ll learn how to create engaging and SEO-optimized content. You’ll find out more about the best link building and content promotion practices. Also, you’ll learn how to measure the results to use content marketing to its full potential.


What you can learn 

Our training sessions let you upgrade your content marketing skills. We’re happy to help you to step up your game when taking care of your company’s online presence or doing content marketing for online stores, company blogs, or other portals. We offer 3 types of internet marketing courses: content marketing, link building, and running a company blog.

The content marketing training course

Here at Elephate, we believe that content marketing is the way to go if you care about your business online presence. All you need to know is how to use the potential of content marketing using engaging content, skillful promotion, and a bit of technical know-how. During the content marketing course you will learn:

  • How to draw up a content marketing strategy
  • How to improve the areas which affect Google rankings most
  • How to get to know the user’s needs
  • How to analyze keywords on a website
  • How to do keyword research for SEO
  • Where to look for content ideas
  • How to create content for a target audience 
  • How to monitor site visibility

Link building training course

The links coming to your site do affect your Google ranking. To build your brand authority and make your website rank higher, you need a good number of quality backlinks from healthy domains. How to get there? With the help of solid content and its effective distribution. Combine content marketing and PR, avoid shady link exchange practices, follow Google guidelines and you’ll not put your site at risk of any algorithmic or manual penalties. During the link building course you will learn:

  • Effective ways of natural link building
  • The biggest threats of black hat link building /link building done wrong (unethically)  
  • Ways of using a company blog for link building purposes 
  • How to reach out to bloggers, editors, and journalists
  • Which guest posting tools to use 
  • Where to analyze links

Running a company blog

A blog is still one of the most effective communication channels for your brand. When done right, it can help build brand authority online. With the established authority your blog will become the industry go-to and attract more and more reputable links and social media interest. Our SEO copywriters and content marketing specialists will make sure you know how to:

  • Plan your new publications in your content calendar
  • Upgrade old blog posts
  • Speak your target audience’s language
  • Optimize texts for keywords
  • Make sure your content is well-structured
  • Insert and describe graphics
  • Place internal links
  • Effectively promote your blog
  • Use your blog for creative content marketing campaigns


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