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Content Marketing Services

Your website visibility is no just about Google ranking

At Elephate we know that content marketing is not about fighting for Google rankings at any cost. It’s so much more! Content marketing combines SEO, PR and brand storytelling. It’s still one of the most effective ways of building trust, increasing traffic and generating leads. We can help you to untap its full potential.

We have a coherent approach to content marketing to help you to build an authentic company image. We’ll not only build quality backlinks and attract new users to your site but, first and foremost, we’ll help you develop a long-term relationship with your site visitors. 

We hate spam as much as you do. Today’s content marketing is not about buying sponsored articles, keyword stuffing or flooding random blogs or forums with comments. This is something that works in the short-term only, if at all. In the long run, it’ll probably waste your crawl budget or even get you a Google penalty.

When collaborating with us you’ll see what you can do with content marketing: effectively fulfil your clients’ needs, constantly increase your online visibility and get users to recognize and trust your brand for the long run, not just for a moment.

Effective content marketing with Elephate

The very foundation of content marketing is useful, engaging and optimized content. We know how to create it and how to push it in front of your target audience, not only by means of SEO optimization. We also focus on building healthy links and promoting creative campaigns.

We can help you:

  • Boost your online visibility – implement a long-term strategy that will place you right where you want to be in the rankings 
  • Attract the right audiences – polish your site content and publish new, quality articles to get users to come back for more: become the industry go-to and build authority with Google 
  • Create and implement a content marketing strategy – a good strategy is the cornerstone of long-term growth. We’ll work out a detailed content marketing plan tailored to your needs or upgrade your current approach
  • Make a buzz around your brand – our creative campaigns get picked up by industry portals and magazines and shared across different media channels
  • Improve your content marketing efforts – let us carry out a detailed content marketing audit for you to find out what hinders your site visibility and how to make it more friendly for users and search engines
  • Get new quality backlinks – building new links to your site is as important as taking care of your on-page content. We reach out to blogs and portals from your niche ourselves – we never spam on your behalf to get a link
  • Take a content marketing course – we offer individual content marketing courses for anyone interested in digital marketing or doing internet marketing for their brands be it b2c, b2b, e-commerce, company blogs or other portals 
  • Achieve the results you want  – learn more about content marketing from our experts to better use your budget, avoid any strategy mistakes and see your brand awareness grow. This will definitely help to take you where you want to be with your business

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We’ve been doing content marketing for years. Take a look at our case studies to find out how we help our clients to elevate their business.

More than a content marketing agency

Elephate is not just a copywriter, PR or SEO specialist in one – first and foremost, it’s a partner in your business development.

To work out solutions tailored for results and growth, we delve into your niche. We analyze your customers’ needs and scrutinize your competitors. Once we know your industry better, we can adjust our content marketing approach to what’s happening there. 

In content marketing, user experience is the most important. That’s why we take the utmost care in the content we publish: it must be factual, engaging and user-friendly. If the existing content needs upgrading, we’re also happy to do that. When you collaborate with us you can rest assured the on-page and off-page content published is valuable, useful and up-to-date.

Transparent approach, clear strategy

You never have to navigate in the dark when working with us. We send clear reports every month where we provide the metrics that matter most to you, i.e. stats on new unique visitors, important keywords rankings or the number of backlinks acquired to your site.

We analyze the data and suggest new solutions for your site based on our analysis. You can implement them to get even better results. With specific goals and clearly mapped out strategy, it’s easier to employ adequate measures and make your internet marketing more effective.

Your marketing needs good content

It’s high time your brand got the recognition it deserves. Starting today, you can enhance your business through the best content marketing practices. You’re only a few clicks away from expert content marketing. Contact us for details – we’re happy to answer any queries you may have. 

Aim For Great Long Term Content Marketing Results.

As mentioned above, when it comes to using your website content, the goal of our online content marketing strategy is to gain an ever increasing and loyal audience who trust your brand and then share their satisfaction with others through social networks, and by word of mouth.

For this reason, we take pride in our considerable focus on building long term relationships with influencers in the marketplace. To achieve this we use up-to-date digital PR strategies in positive, modern and online ways to best encourage those with the power to influence others to benefit our clients.

Remember, in order to outdo the competition, and to develop a good strategy for elevating your image and SERP rankings, an SEO and content marketing agency with a proven track record and a trustworthy rating is obviously a good hiring option.

Elephate’s Content Marketing specialists always strive to ensure that your website will consistently come out on top, with a much larger virtual audience and a consistently satisfying high SERP rating.

Make Content That Stands Out Among Competitors as a Top Performer.

Another aspect of content marketing that our agency does well, is that we tailor-make content marketing campaigns with the needs of each individual client in mind while ensuring top quality service. Our highly effective and creative personnel are experienced in the competitive OCM environment.

The fact is, our strategic know-how puts us in an ideal position to create unique and compelling pieces of content that will aid the marketing efforts of our clients above their competitors.

Our OCM specialists are adept at keeping in mind the niche markets in which our clients operate, as well as the general likes, predilections and buying characteristics of their target audiences.

In addition, our data driven approach to OCM favors the use of carefully sculpted and targeted items of content for online brand promotion. We routinely distribute our clients’ image and sales messages on influential global platforms.

In summary

These are five great tips on elevating your web image through content marketing. Each one a valuable brick in the framework on which high web ratings and SERP rankings rest.

Finally, it is also important to mention that our content marketing approach is one which is effective in the sense that all our efforts are geared towards eventual link building, which is one of our biggest strengths.

Just another reason to hire Elephate today!

Run your business with good content

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