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A Background on Backlinks and Link Building

The importance of link building is to a large extent determined by the fact that Google and other top search engines rank the relevance, importance and popularity of a website by the number of its backlinks.

As a result, if a good number of the right type of website has a click-on option that takes the user directly from another website to your website, such a link is a very desirable asset, as it is believed by the search engine to reflect directly on your website’s relevance and general trustworthiness for ranking purposes.

In other words, search engines count backlinks of the right sort, and their type and quality are a very important aspect of SEO.

Outlaws and “Black Hat” Manipulations

Unfortunately, unethical attempts to fool a search engine may, in fact, yield actual short term improved results. The problem, however, with such “unethical” practices is that the outlaw counts on short term “hit and run” marketing benefits, which invariably results in long term banning and the relegation to the bottom of the search engine rankings.

So, even if a website has acquired hundreds of backlinks by using unscrupulous or illegal methods, the search engine will eventually “smell a rat” and drop the site in the rankings. Undoubtedly, using these methods instead of the ethical practices of proper SEO would be a big mistake for a serious long term business like yours.

Ingenious, Ethical “White Hat” Link Building That Goes the Distance

The goal for Elephate is to gain substantial backlinks to your website that are really relevant in terms of their subject matter, keywords and thematic match. Such links will result in your website being prominent in organic search results, that is results that honestly and naturally match the keywords that the user typed into the search engine. This will place your website on a list of relevant, and popular websites that are considered trustworthy by search engines.

Elephate believes that the effort involved in building trust with big search engine players like Google, Yahoo and Bing is worth the effort it requires. The results we receive backup our belief in the thorough, relational and on-theme backlinking that we implement, and thus justify the long term methods and goals we have in mind.

Why It Works

It is important to remember that Google claims that the only way for backlinks to help your website rank highly in searches, is if your web pages provide compelling and relevant content that people will link to naturally.

For this reason we make it our business to know your business, to get alongside of you in the process and art of great content creation, so that your web content attracts natural links from people who are interested in your content, and from pages that find your content relevant and important. This will lead to trust and a “popular” rating from the search engines.

High End Link Building

Elephate specialists in link development follow a 100% white hat link building policy. Our service in this area of SEO is based on excellent relationships after years of working with real content influencers in the niche.

In contrast with the quick steps that are doomed to fail and are aimed at outwitting the search engine algorithm, our approach is to carefully and slowly develop human contacts, and thus improve and increase the number of your website backlinks with trusted pages you approve of.

In Summary

Instead of rushing into short term and unethical search engine trick backlinking that is liable to result in blacklisting and severe search ranking penalties, our policy is to do mature and thoughtful link building with trusted niche influencers who produce relevant and on-theme content that resonates with your website. In this way, more traffic is attracted to your website, raising your search engine rankings and elevating your web presence, and thus, positively affecting profit revenues.

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