Elephate in the Room

Elephate in the Room

Join outsiders Derrek Carriveau and Christian A. Dumais as they navigate the ever-changing world of marketing, SEO and beyond with the help of the industry’s best and brightest minds. In this unconventional and funny weekly podcast, our hosts might not have all of the answers, but they certainly have a lot of questions.

Cindy Krum

We kick off Elephate in the Room with Cindy Krum, the CEO/founder of MobileMoxie and a thought leader in Mobile SEO. We talk about her interest in audiobooks, how she ended up in Denver, Colorado, her predictions for Mobile SEO in 2018 and beyond, and much more. Length: 44:29 minutes.

00:00 Introduction with Derrek Carriveau.

03:01 Cindy Krum’s interview begins with a question about audiobooks.

10:02 Cindy on living in Denver.

13:33 Why not Krum SEO?

16:28 Mobile Predictions for 2018.

21:28 Mobile Trends to be concerned about.

31:29 Elephate Lightning Round!

42:17 Last words with Krum, including an exclusive promo code for two months of free access to MobileMoxie’s Tools.

43:40 End Credits

Jennifer Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman, the Marketing Director at DeepCrawl, joins us for our second episode. Hoffman drops a ton of marketing knowledge on Derrek and Christian, including the best marketing jargon to use to sound smart and her thoughts on Wendy’s current marketing strategy. The conversation also touches on the one thing everyone looks stupid doing, Hoffman’s original plans after college before heading into marketing, and…robbing a bank? Length: 39:08 minutes.

00:00 Intro music.

00:08 Derrek introduces Hoffman.

01:00 Interview with Hoffman begins with icebreaker questions.

12:57 Hoffman talks marketing.

17:31 Hoffman talks about changes in the industry.

19:40 A recent marketing campaign that impressed Hoffman (spoilers: Wendy’s).

25:58 Would you rather…

30:08 The future of marketing.

32:01 Lightning round.

36:00 Derrek completely flips out and unleashes some hidden resentment regarding Christian’s library of books.

38:20 End Credits.